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Top 10 Holiday destinations on a tight Budget

Top 10 Holiday destinations, budget holiday destinations

It’s depressing to look at the Facebook photos of your friend who just had a holiday at a renowned travel destination. Basilicas, beaches, and bazaars, the pictures of these three B’s are flooded with comments. And you wonder “When will I get the much-needed break”? Adding to your woes is your not-so-well-planned bank balance, out of which you can only devote a small portion to your adventures. Relax, here’s a pill to your holiday blues. Here are top 10 holiday destinations that you can visit on a shoe-string budget:


If the Angkor Vat doesn’t get you, Cambodia’s luscious cuisine will surely will. A Tuk-Tuk ride is the most aesthetic way to unravel this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

Cambodian life

Sri Lanka

This island country is a Buddhist treat to your senses. The statue at Galvihara of Reclining Buddha will strike you with awe.

sri lanka- top ten budget holidays


Vietnam is a really cheap holiday spot. If you want to see heaven in a hue of green, go for trekking in the Sapa hills.

vietnam- top ten holidays


If you love bathhouses, wines, and pastries, you’ve come to the right place. Hungary will give the economic and original experience of Europe.

hungry- top ten budget holidays


Bulgaria is famous for its Black Sea resorts. The sea gives a tropical touch to the cold Eastern European ecology, which is why it is a popular holiday destination.

Bulgaria- top trn budget holidays


You can shop cheap at ‘Dublin’s Oldest’ market. If you want to look at the splendor of rural Ireland, head to Galway. The local pubs feature really cheap beer and liquor, but you’ll reckon the taste is just out of the world.

Ireland- Top ten budget hloidays


The daily cost of holidaying in this South American paradise is less than $30 that roughly calculates to Rs 2,000. Honduras is filled with attractive post-colonial Spanish towns and peaceful plaza cafes.

Honduras- top 10 budget holidays


Most of you know this country for Lionel Messi. We know it for the grandest cemetery in the world: The city of the Dead.

Argentina- top ten budget holidays


The Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforests make this South-American country a must-visit. You should try the famous potato soup – Chairo.

Bolivia- top ten budget holidays


The economy crunch has made holidaying in this Mediterranean nation low-priced. The Islands are too beautiful to be put in words. You can get a glimpse of Ancient Greek in the ruins of Acropolis and Parthenon.

Greece- top ten budget holidays

So these were the top 10 holiday destinations! You’d like to add more to the list? Let us know! 

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