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Tips for Solo Female traveling

solo female traveling

Solo female traveling sounds exciting, but for a woman traveling all by herself, it can be a bit tricky at times. Right from safety issues to being stranded in an isolated train terminal, there are many worries that need to be taken care of by a solo lady traveler. Here are some tips every woman traveler should keep in mind while on the go:

1. Choose your destination carefully

You can travel better simply by understanding why you want to go, where you want to go. Dig down. The initial inspiration may come from a book you read or a movie you watched, but surely there’s more to the story. Understand your intention, why you want to travel to a particular destination, and once your purpose is clear, your journey can really bring wonders.

 2. Plan your initial day well

Before embarking on your journey, you must book a place to rest your head for the first night of every destination. Make sure to arrive by afternoon. It’s important to have the time to find your hotel or hostel in daylight and time to change your accommodation if you determine that the place is not up to the mark.

3. Travel Insurance

Whether it’s getting sick from food or tripping on a root while hiking, things can go wrong. You might have to cancel your trip or you could lose gear while traveling. If you do buy insurance, you can claim many expenses back in case of extremity.

4. Credit Card

This plastic currency can do wonders if you have limited access in terms of your bank account. A credit card can help wanderers to shop, breathe and relax. But also don’t forget to pay your bills on time.

 5. Protecting your accommodation and privacy

While you’re traveling alone you can instantly hit the right cords with any other traveler. But make sure you don’t share your lodging details with them because they can disrupt your privacy.

 6. Keep your passport and other important documents secure


Have backup copies with you and at home with your trusted contact.

 7. Take a break from technology

Human lead busy lives. A break from screens and technology will help you discover your destination better. Playing video games isn’t something you should be doing on your holidays. So take a break, explore more, hike more and travel more while on the journey.

8. Stay, Buy and meet Locals


By planning well, you will have a better understanding of how to be supportive of the local economy. Buy local crafts, eat local food, and stay in locally-owned accommodation so that the profits don’t leave the country. And as you do all of this, connect with locals. This will give you much on what to reflect.

In the end, every solo travelers should make most from the journey they are embarking towards. After all great journeys can lead to wonderful memories !!

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