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My experience of Malay cultural treasure through the city of Kuala Lumpur

Nothing ever gives you as much pleasure as traveling to new places. It is those moments that capture you in their beauty, and then stay with you till the end of time. Call me a hippie, a globetrotter or a vagabond, but I don’t like staying at one place for too long, and when traveling calls, I go! Being a travel writer by profession, for a year or so, I’ve been cumulating money to fund my next trip, and this time I wanted to explore Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is magnificent with its unique enthralling culture, cityscape and the distinctive vibe.

Not only did I want to experience what the city had to offer, but share it with people that read my blogs. I also had a friend accompanying, and we did prior research about the city attractions, and travel lodgings as well. I saw AirAsia’s special discount offers, so we booked our flight right away. I have traveled with the airline before and had an amazing experience. Also, they pull out seasonal offers, rebates every now and then, and we were lucky to grab hold of an offer through which we manage to cut slack on our round trip ticket prices. The AirAsia’s staff is very courteous and ensures that the passengers have a comfortable flight. We were so excited to board the plane and reach to our holiday destination! Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of cultures and nations such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Tamil, Thai, etc, and it shows in its food, traditional grandeur festivities, and multilingual people. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to meet people, and make lasting friendships and memories. Also being a party freak I planned to check out the popping nightlife the city had to offer.


We boarded our plane from New Delhi, all excited to visit Kuala Lumpur that was tippy top on my wish list since long. As soon as we were comfortably seated on the plane, the pilot made a surprising announcement telling us that Tony Fernandes, one of the CEO’s of AirAsia, was traveling with us today, which was exciting. As we landed, I hastily looked at my travelogue to begin with my exploration. The first breath of air of a new city was captivating, and we were hungry so we decided to visit the hawker stalls and savor some of the city’s delicacies. We also payed a visit to a Kopitiam, a coffee shop serving traditional dishes and drinks. Our next stop was the famous – Petronas Towers! Being second highest twin towers of the world, I remember first seeing them in my school’s GK book and thinking someday I am going to visit the place, and finally here I was, it all felt unreal.


Next, we went strolling around the central market of the city, where local artisans sold exclusive craft jewels, paintings, and embroidery carvings. I bought for myself a batik (famous Malay jewel). Luckily, we were just in time for the magnificent art exhibition, hosted by the artistic community. We went back to the hotel after an exhaustive but lovely day, to refuel ourselves for tomorrow.

The next morning came with a fresh breeze of city’s pleasant weather, and we went on to see Aquaria KLCC, which is famously one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. I was a little too enthusiastic to see it since I love marine life. At the heart of the city, the aquarium is an amazing showcase of 150 aquatic exotic species including tiger sharks, sea snakes, stingrays and manta rays, bright coral fish, seahorse, and more exhibited over an extensive 60,000 sq ft area.

As the night dawned upon, we decided to explore the much talked about- China town, which best exhibits Chinese diaspora. Being one of the most sought-after shopping destinations in the world, its main market Petaling Street features a mirage of items from souvenirs, tempting snacks, traditional clothing to top-notch handbags. The street is vibrant, crowded and a bedazzling night market which helps you experience Malaysia in its true essence.

Finally it was time to bid adieu to the startling city of Kuala Lumpur that gave me cultural treasures and unmatched experiences to cherish. I have clicked so many pictures to keep these memories alive, and with a heavy heart I boarded AirAsia’s flight back home, reminiscing about the spellbinding trip I had.


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