A country that exudes old school with its rustic parks, about 10 concrete roads, people living with basic facilities, miles of forests and the amazing flora and fauna, Madagascar is a true escape to the wonders of nature. Left untouched by modernity and the outside world, it takes you close to nature and lets you discover the lands and rare animals of Madagascar unknown to a majority of the world.

The biggest attraction in Madagascar, along with all the beautiful destinations are the animals that are indigenous to Madagascar. Lemur, ye-aye, the indri, elephant bird, fossa. Madagascar has a host of animals that have been dwelling in the jungles, alongside the little urban establishments near the forests. You can explore most of these animals in Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park.

In the country with much to explore, lemurs are the most common sight. More than 50 species of lemurs are spread across the country. These monkey-like, friendly creatures have gentle hands and soulful eyes.

The national parks in the country are protected and a home to all the rare species that can be found in private reserves. The tourists can enjoy feeding lemurs from the table.

Here is a list of a few animals of the many that you will encounter in Madagascar:



” A Tenrec of the Tenrecidae family “

Unusual insectivores, they are amongst the rare animals of Madagascar. With nearly 30 species, they can be spotted in the jungles sharing ecosystems with hedgehogs, mice, shrews, opossums, and otters

Brookesia Chameleon

The smallest reptile in the world in all its glory is also amongst the rare animals in Madagascar. With one of the species only an inch or so long, they are also known as stumped-tailed or leaf chameleons. They are found in the leaf litter of dry delicious forests and rainforests. An interesting fact about them is that they play dead and resemble a fallen leaf when disturbed.

Nile crocodile


” Nile Crocodile – The largest freshwater predator in Africa “

Crocodilus niloticus or the Nile crocodile is found in freshwater habitats in Madagascar. Once feared and abundant, these crocodiles are now endangered because of the mass hunting done for its skin. They can be spotted in Ankarana special reserve.

Spear-nosed snake


” Speared nose snake ( Langaha madagascariensis ) “

There are more than 80 species of snakes in Madagascar. Spear nosed snakes, along with many others are not overtly venomous to humans.

With these and many other animals, Madagascar is the perfect place to spot the rarest of rare creatures, and have the best time exploring nature’s true beauty.

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Last modified: November 7, 2019

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