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Millennial’s are still waiting for their ‘Eat, Pray and Love’ moment


Travelling has become an ecstasy pill of enlightenment, which propels the truth of life to the upcoming generation. Inspired by the jargons of, “I quit my job to travel the world” and “Book a ticket and just leave” the millennials are inspired to paint their own travel world.

The inspiration can come from anywhere, from Facebook albums, Instagram stories or a series of retweets.

 Millennial are constantly looking for their “Eat, Pray and Love” moment.

There could be different reasons for us to travel- ranging from reconnecting with the spiritual self to quitting our soul sucking jobs. But the question remains, are the millennial true to this detox?

Observing the travelling trend amongst Indian millennials, we can easily say it has become more about creating an Insta Paradise. They plan their every post, from their captions to the aesthetics. Searching for the trending hashtags is the real struggle of the millennial travelers.

Even I’ve had my embarrassing moments, where I just #diditforthegram. I remember, on my second day in Jaipur, I ditched the over-excited wanderlust and paid homage to the millennial gods- free wifi, Stranger Things and of course room service. It was after coming back from the vacation that I realized I had no pictures which can validate my trip. Striking a chord in my mind, I knew I had to learn ‘the art of not oversharing’.

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To this day, I look back and try to understand why do we travel to outdo our friends? Why do we need to be validated as the ‘true hipsters’?

The answer lies in the lost curiosity to explore the new parts of the world. The actual moments are lost between filters and editing apps. Constant need to document every single moment surround us which ultimately takes away the joy attached to these memories. Instead of deriving the kicks from ‘planned candids’ and likes, the travelers of the upcoming generation need to stop feeding their millennial identity.

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