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Essential Trekking Hacks for Climbing Mountains

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Like spring is the season for nature lovers, winter is known as the season for the adventure. And for the trekker junkies, it is the best time for them to unveil the nature and hilarious travel experience. Here are some essential trekking hacks for climbing mountains you can plan with some leading travel allied services companies like Orange Trips :

  1. Getting fit

If you are up for trekking, be prepared both mentally and physically to walk uphill for six-eight hours a day for several following days. Have down pat that oxygen level is also low at such great heights. Running or brisk walking for at least 5 km per day is stated to be good approach to perk up lung power for high altitude treks. In addition, walking 10-15 km on a daily basis and doing yoga helps a lot.

  1. Essential needs

Acquire the best of trekking shoes and socks with great soles and ankle support that offer a fine grip while crossing rocks on a rampant mountain tributary. They also put off injuries and diminish strain on the knees whilst going downhill. The backpack has to be comfortable and should feature firm back support. Buy a rain waterproof pouch for your backpack. Keep energy boosters such as peanut chikki that works the best. Prepare your own track mix using almonds, raisins, peanuts, walnuts, dried apricots, dates, and jaggery.

  1. Packing

Start with the packing part at least 3 weeks prior to the departure date. Remember, you should not carry more than 9 kilos of luggage with you; else it can cause uneasiness and make you feel exhausted. While packing, place weighty material at the bottom and light ones headed for the top. The Queen of Hills- Nainital is blessed with scenic natural magnificence and wide-ranging natural resources.

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