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Travelling for business again? Travel better with these tips!

Travel better with these tips

The life of a business traveller is less glamorous than perceived. They face many health risks because of the stress that frequent travelling can cause. We bring you some simple travel tips that might make your frequent business trips a tad easier. Following these tips may not eliminate all of the health risks, but it will make your next trip less stressful.


  • Sign up for frequent flyer programs

Having a frequent traveller number is better than not having one at all. A great way to cut the cost on your trip are the reward points or miles on your choice of travel credit card, airline or hotel. But make sure you choose a credit card without foreign transaction fees.


  • Charge Up

Charge all your electronics like phone, laptop, and tablet 100% before you leave for the airport to have plenty of battery to help you pass your time in the airport and on your flight. That way, you won’t need to fight for an outlet at your gate either.


  • Sign up for Global entry program

If you travel international, Global Entry program can help you gain access to faster-moving security and customs around the world. The process can be as long as 8 weeks, so planning ahead is always a better option.


  • Print Your Itinerary

The thought is cringe-worthy, but you could lose or break your phone during travel. So, make it a point to have your travel information available someplace besides your phone.


  • Purchase a lounge membership.

Most airport lounges provide plenty of food and a quiet space at a reasonable cost. You will appreciate the quiet environment and amenities before your flight in these areas away from the hustle and bustle of everyone else.


  • Be a Loyal Traveller

Try to stick to a particular brand as long as possible. Be it an airline, car rental company or a hotel brand. Have a back-up brand just in case you can’t travel with your preferred brand.

You could also download some apps to assist you during your trips like TripIt, Expense Report App, Ridesharing apps, Airline App, Rental Car app, etc.


  • Pack healthy and stay hydrated

Skip the unhealthy fast food and make sure to have a healthy snack and plenty of water nearby because travelling is hard on your body, and you need to continue to do your job well on the road.


  • Be Security Check-proof

Drop any stuff that is expected to make your security check any longer than it needs to be. Depending upon your travel destination, try to limit your stuff to a minimum in order to go through quicker at the security check.

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