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7 things to do in Hampi

Places to visit in hampi

It is often said that you don’t stumble upon your heritage. It’s there, just waiting to be explored and shared. The magnificent ruins of Hampi in Karnataka (India) are a strangely-beautiful example. From being a backpacker’s haven to a geologist’s venture, the centuries-old Hampi is an erstwhile glorious land exhibiting rich ancient tradition, breath-taking architecture, and dexterous craftsmanship. So if you a travel enthusiast looking for a destination to appease your itchy feet, a trip to this spectacular UNESCO world heritage site is must! Here’s a quick and interesting list of things to do in Hampi, the land of giant boulders, stunning jade-green palm groves,and calm paddy fields.

  • Explore Hampi’s fascinating geology by spending some time amidst the valleys, the boulders and the riverbeds. Learn about the mythology associated with this picturesque village and you surely will be teleported back in time!
temples to visit in hampi
  • Find an abode for yourself on ‘Hippie Island’. Sounds fun, right? Virupapur Gaddi, a tiny village across the river Tungabhadra, is a popular a hippie hideout with cute little huts and hammocks.
temples to visit in hampi
  • Climb up the hills for they have different stories to tell! Matanga Hill, the highest point and centre of Hampi, will give you an awe-inspiring view of the entire area. You could pay a visit to the ancient Veerabhadra Temple located at the top of the hill.
temples to visit in hampi
  • Get on a white trail of steps zigzagging all the way to the top of Anjaneya Hill at the nearby village Anegondi. This place is believed to be the birthplace of the monkey warrior god, Lord Hanuman. The view of Hampi’s ruins, paddy farms and banana trees from the top of the hill would be stunning beyond words.
temples to visit in hampi
  • Sunsets in Hampi are exceptionally blissful! Nothing could be as alluring as the reddish hues emitted by rocks as the sun sets. The trippy sunset jamming sessions with percussion, strings and other musical instruments are a cherry on the cake.
temples to visit in hampi
  • Have the time of your life by riding a bike through the sprawling lush landscapes of Hampi! All you need to do is rent a moped and ride around aimlessly on Hampi’s empty road to discover the beauty of the place.
  • Enjoy your meals in the colourful, oh-so-cute cafes of Hampi. Top Secret River View, Laughing Buddha, Hema’scafé,Chill Out Café and Mango Tree are among the best ones. Catching up with a bunch of interesting travelers and enjoying board games with them while you eat would surely give you an amazing experience!

So here was the things to do in Hampi. So do not think anymore and pack your bags, this mysterious land is waiting to be explored!

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things to do in Hampi, Places to visit in Karnatka

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