Flying to a new nest? Here are some handy tips for people migrating to a distant land

There are loads of travel tips for people planning a vacation. But what about people migrating to a foreign land? It’s an entirely new aspect, since you are thinking not just about what you need for a day or two, but for the rest of your life! At Trip Experience Blog, we bring you some tips that you might find handy if you are planning to nest away in a new land. Take a look:

Renew your passport

It is much easier, cheaper and quicker to get your passport renewed in your home country than getting it done from overseas post migration. So, if you have less than two years left on your passport, it is advisable to get it renewed before you leave.

Break the tie between travel time and cheaper cost

Total travel time and the cost of the flight seldom go hand in hand. Decide what is more important to you – reaching your destination as quickly as possible, or paying the cheapest price for your flight – and make you bookings accordingly.

Keep your valuables in the hand luggage

Items of significant importance like jewellery and other valuables should be kept in the hand luggage. This not only decreases the chance of ‘hard to replace’ items getting misplaced, but also keeps your luggage a tad lighter.

In addition to expensive items, it is advisable to keep your important documents in the hand luggage as well. The last thing you might want to encounter in a foreign land is a misplaced luggage with your passport, original university degrees or driving license.

Beat the jet lag – arrive at night

Travelling is always tiring. Moreover, the time difference between your home and destination countries can cause you the infamous jet lag. Try and book flights which arrive at your destination late afternoon or in the evening, so that you can rest some time off. Being able to quickly get over jet lag will help you settle into your new life on a happier note.


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