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Jet set, go: Business Travel Tips for frequent fliers

business travel tips

Travelling on business can be a quite hectic experience for some. Add to it the long queues, waiting time and not-so-pleasant co-passengers, and you’ll get a recipe for disaster. We bring you some simple travel tips that might make your frequent business trips a tad easier. Take a look:

Keep the essentials packed

You can save your travel time by keeping a stack of extra toiletries, office supplies, business cards, and chargers packed and placed already in your bag.

Clothe it smart

Include casual clothes to your travel wardrobe, not just formal dresses or suits. While having business-appropriate clothing is important, you are more likely to spend some time exploring your surroundings and have some casual outings. If you exercise regularly, keep some gym clothes ready as well.

Be Security Check-proof

Depending upon your travel destination, you will have to follow a long list of security protocols. Drop any stuff that is likely to make your security check any more thorough than it needs to be.

Rewards programs

Reward points or miles on your hotel, airline or travel credit card is a great way to cut some cost. Also, make sure you choose a credit card without foreign transaction fee.

Charge your devices

Make sure that your electronic devices such as laptop, tablet, and phone are charged to the brim before you fly. It will give you plenty of battery to help you pass time productively as you travel. As an additional benefit, you won’t need to fight for an outlet.

Non-stop flights

Layovers extend the length of your trips. An unreasonable, hours-long stop mid-trip can lead you to spend an extra day on the road, and disrupt your sleep pattern, among other drawbacks.

Airport lounge membership

Most airlines offer lounges with plenty of food, and a quiet space for a reasonable price. Getting yourself an airport lounge membership can make the wait bearable.


Hope these tips come handy as you plan your next business trip!

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