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Hilarious Travel Experience

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Traveling in an airline is more like coming out of your comfort zone, get ushered into cylinders that zips up hundreds of miles per hour at several thousand feet. These airplanes are subject to various security screenings, brazen out with delays, missing luggage, catching connecting flights in hustle-bustle, crumpled up with strangers etc. It is recommended to plan a trip and choose the right tour package with the assistance of a team of travel planners like Musafirtrip for rich travel experience. Here is an In-flight moments to savor of passengers that will leave you spell bounded:

Heavy Lady Tries to Take Half of Girl’s Seat

I was traveling alone from Orlando on the way back home to Phoenix. I just wanted to sit on the window seat and enjoy the scenery, for which I had paid extra. A few minutes later after the boarding started, a cute little girl sat next to my seat and politely murmured in my ear- please can I have the window seat. It was her first time in plane and so somehow I allowed her to sit on the window seat. Consequently, I took the middle seat and what I saw was a fat lady coming towards our seat.

Oh no! She sat beside me and I found myself stuck between the two and the worst part was that the fat lady almost took half of my seat to get settled comfortably. At that moment I thought, politeness will get you everything and pay money for two seats if you necessitate them. Always keep this in mind before picking flight timings.

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