Best tips for cheap travel in India

Travelling to soul grasping destinations always sounds like a great idea.  One needs an escape from the everyday monotony of life from time to time. Read on to know how to travel cheap in India :

India being a land of multitude cultures and landscapes is known for its enthralling places which dwell you in a mystical and breathtaking experience altogether. The serenity and tranquility it has is sure to leave you mesmerized.

The first thought that comes to the mind when one thinks of exploring the world is about the travel expense. If this makes you scrape off India from your bucket list, here are some of the best ways to travel cheap in India

Stay with a host family-share the culture and experience

1. Stay with a host family

Planning your stay with a native Indian family can be a great experience. Being acquainted with their culture, food, language, etc, can be a good way of engaging with the local community and enjoying their hospitality. However, an approved homestay family is preferable for this form of experiential tourism. This also comes with an opportunity to know a place closely including its neighborhood, customs, and traditions.

2. Book a package

There are a variety of tourism companies that provide you with a memorable trip. They offer exclusively designed packages covering all the destinations and varied landscapes to explore along with the transfer and meal arrangements. They can serve as a great option for your solo getaways or even family holiday trips.

With skilled drivers and fast service you save money too

3. Off Season Vacation

Travelling off-season can bag you pocket-friendly deals and discounts, which will lower your related outlay as well. Accommodation can also be cheaper and pleasant with early bird discounts and availability of hotels. The uncrowded hot spots would make your entire stay hassle-free and all the more fun.

4. Use Local Transport

The regional transport in India is relatively inexpensive and fairly unmarred. However, it can be crowded with often delayed timings. With an elaborate and extensive network of buses, trains, planes, metros, navigation, and accessibility of different places is streamlined in the country. Here are some options you can choose to travel to.

5. Hitch Hike

The idea of hitchhiking in the country sounds unlikely but is a considerable option when thinking about how to travel cheap in India. The lift or ride given by the stranger can be absolutely free or might involve some nominal cost. Minimal baggage and a handy signboard can help you in your journey along with other essentials.

6. Stick to Indian food

India, with its rich heritage, offers a variety of delicacies for people. If looking to explore the food in the country to serve your adventurous taste buds, there are plenty of restaurants, dhabas and local shops offering delicious and healthy dishes that will also be easy on the pocket, when one is on a confined budget.


As quoted by Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do but the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines…,’’so traveling is a rejuvenating experience which is the pivot to a fuller life. When planning for a vacation, India is one of the most preferred destinations that attract explorers from all around the world. With these useful hacks on how to travel cheap in India, this magnificent country can be explored even with a shoestring budget.


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