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YOLO: Top 10 tips for solo woman travelers

solo woman travelers

Traveling solo can be an exciting and equally terrifying prospect, especially if you are a woman. Don’t let the thought of being on your own in a foreign land intimidate you – we bring you the top 10 tips for solo woman travelers. Take a look:

1. Choose your destination carefully

You can improve your travel experience if you understand why you want to go where you want to go. Knowing what’s drawing you to the destination can help you get a more enriched experience.

2. Plan your first night well

Make sure you have a place to rest on the first night of every destination on your trip. Travelling can be exhausting for some, and you might need to take that tiredness off before you begin with sightseeing.

3. Visualize the necessities beforehand

Traveling solo requires great attention to details. Try to visualize the practical aspects of your trip and assess whether or not they fit together. This can help you travel with less stress. However, don’t make up hypothetical scenarios or definite expectations in your mind, as that might conflict with how your trip is actually going to be. Make the best of what you get, and focus upon enjoying the trip.

4. Pack light

Packing light can help you save money and be more mobile. It requires smart planning to have a wardrobe that suits your mood for every day of the trip, but the target is achievable.

5. Keep your accommodation to private

Your accommodation is your shield. Don’t share the whereabouts of your hotel or homestay to people. Given that you are not a local, it’s easy to be vague if anyone asks about where you are staying.

6. It’s easy to get a company for dinner

There are so many ways to have company over dinner if you despise eating alone. These include cooking classes, themed day tours, and community dinners.

7. Keep your documents safe

Protect your passport and other important documents at all times. Have backup copies of all these documents on you and at home with your trusted contact. Also, it is advisable to bifurcate your total cash and keep them in separate stashes.

8. Meet other women travelers

If you are staying at a hostel, you might come across a number of other women travelers. You can build lasting friendships with women from different places by sharing experiences.

9. Use technology to your aid

Don’t let the fear of mishaps like road rage and eve-teasing keep you from making the best of your solo trip. Ensure your safety by downloading travel safety apps come with emergency alerts and contacts to ensure safety and quicker location access. Apps like bSafe, iSharing, and Eyewatch SOS for women can prove to be highly useful.

10. Go local!

Be supportive of the local economy. Eat local food, buy local food, and stay in locally-owned accommodation. This will not only help the locals but will also enable you to understand and appreciate the culture of that place.


We hope that these simple tips will add to your solo trip experience!

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