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Things to Do in Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Paradise islands in the bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the most sought-after places in the world when it comes to holidaying on a beachside. An archipelago in the Caribbean, it offers some of the most exotic sceneries one can witness anywhere on the planet. Talking about its island-beauty, there is nowhere better to feel soulfulness of the highest order than the Paradise islands. It is located on the northern tip of the New Providence Island of which Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital is a part of. Being in the vicinity of Nassau intensifies the touristic importance of Paradise Island to a new level.

If you are planning a vacation in the Bahamas, you are recommended to visit the Paradise Island. Here are a few astonishing things to do on the island.

Water Adventure

Adventure-lovers from all over the world set their foot on the tourist-welcoming soil of The Bahamas. Be a part of the huge gathering of adventurers in the Paradise Island while engaging in a range of games and sports. From Kayak Surfing to Snorkeling and from Jet Surfing to Surf Skiing, everything in the Ocean will give your adrenaline a major push.


If you love shopping, The Bahamas is for you. Explore the city of Nassau and you will be astonished to find a variety of clothing options. The place is ideal for kids as along with playing beach games, they can find a number of places to buy toys and local dresses. You can spend a whole day shopping in the city. Its market itself is a center of attraction.

Nassau City Tour

The city of Nassau presents you a series of cultural and historical buildings and festivals that will win your heart. The Bahamas’ capital is one of the only three Caribbean cities to receive the honor of being a part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Nassau is known for its rich Crafts and Folk Art. While taking a tour of the city, you will relish the incredible beauty of the Caribbean lifestyle.

The luxurious beach experience

The Paradise Island is home to some of the world’s most magnificent beaches. There is simply no comparison of The Bahamas’ island when it comes to offering the most pleasing experience of walking on the pristine sands. Enjoy the feeling of being a celebrity while relaxing on a private beach in the midst of a spectacular surrounding. Overlooking the blue beauty of the North Atlantic Ocean, let your soul feel the true meaning of tranquility.

Along with all these soul-winning stuff, you will have a wide-ranging places for extravagant dining. The Paradise Island is worth visiting, especially for a beach lover.

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