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Escape the city madness to relish the best places to visit in April

As the summers are fast approaching, everyone’s desire to have a small vacation break starts to take heat too! What best month to celebrate the onset of summers with traveling t your favorite destination, away from pesky monotones of our city lives? April is good as it hosts great seasonal discounts and places less swamped with tourists. Prepare your bag packs to travel to some of these best places to visit in April:

 1. The grandeur music festival – Coachella, California

The grandeur music festival - Coachella, California

Being one of the world’s largest music festivals, Coachella is not to be missed. The festival hosts some of the best pop-stars, making it an anticipated event throughout the year. This year’s festival is a 2-day extravaganza and will be held on the last two weekends of April.

Event dates: 13-15 April & 20-22 April.

2. Holy week at Antigua, Guatemala

Holy week at Antigua, Guatemala

The extraordinary Semana Santa processions held in the ancient city of Antigua is a sight not to be missed. It is said to be one of the most majestic celebrations in the world. Popularly known as the holy week, this year the festivities are going to commence from March 25 – April 1.

3. The sunny Islands of Canary, Spain

sunny Islands of Canary, Spain

No one wants to drop a chance of being at the Islands of Canary, Spain and having the perfect warm, not too hot sunlight sooth your mind and senses. Experience two worlds in one with the looming volcanoes, lush forest and dunes behind the scenic canaries’ seafront. For those planning an ideal extended weekend trip, this is your place to be!

4. The Mediterranean beauty – Cyprus

The Mediterranean beauty - Cyprus

April is the month when summer has just hit the city of Cyprus, but not too hard. The pleasantly warm temperature will make you head out, and explore the Mediterranean city which is abundant in natural beauty, and great wine produces.

5. All our heart is in Havana- na na, Cuba

All our heart is in Havana- na na, Cuba

Being one of the most beautiful places in the world, Havana hosts the perfect Cuban weather in the month of April with rising sea temperatures making waves for water sports. Best time is to visit is from 23-29 April, as Havana puts on a show with Ritmo Cuba, a fun week of parties, dance and entertainment, during that time.

Having a strong impulse to wander places? The aforementioned are the best places to visit in April and will make you not regret one bit. Plan your holiday filled with great adventure, and come back with cherished memories that will make for great table conversations for the rest of your life!


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