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Leave your cubicle every once in a while to not miss out on life!

Subrata Roy Sahara's Stadium and Aamby Valley

Working round the clock, and being in an unnerving rat race can clog our lives. Slogging to earn big and living our lives to the fullest is the ultimate dream of many, but do we really live to the fullest in the city conundrum? This question stroked me while I was working relentlessly long hours on a Friday night. Struck in front of the computer at my Mumbai office, I was desperately seeking an escape to get some life thrown back into me. It was then when I abruptly decided on a short vacation to a serene place, away from the city’s noise, taking an off-beat dive into the wilderness.

Longing for the perfect destination that gave me the experience I wanted, a trip to the opulent Aamby Valley was planned. A lovely township nestled in the hills, it is situated 25 km from Lonavala, which was perfect for my short trip, not taking much travel-time.

It was a perfect place for me to reconnect with my love for nature. Also, the city experience seemed larger than life with its luxury accommodations, fine dining, recreational retreats, and activities to soothe your adventure pangs. There was nothing that I could’ve asked for, that the city didn’t endow. When I reached Ambey Valley, I had a grand welcome, but quite felt at home enigmatically.

And I must say that the city looks beautiful, like straight right out of a picture. Its beauty enthralls you and captures your mind. It left me to spell bounded the moment I laid my first sight on the place.  The staff at Aamby Valley guided me about the must-visit places. I also had a meeting scheduled at Subrata Roy Sahara stadium in Pimpri-Chinchwad, on Monday, for which the staff was courteous enough to provide a chauffeur assisting me to the destination.

My idea of a vacation is incomplete without thrill and random rush of adrenaline. I went to 19 Degree North, at Aamby Valley to indulge in zip-lining and jungle safari. Both the experiences thrilled me out of wits, and I loved every bit of it. I also went to play some golf with a friend I made during my stay, and it was one of the best golf clubs I have ever been to. We were taken to the highest point where we saw the entire city from a panoramic view. It was pristine and simply astounding.

Having had an amazing time at the valley, I am happy to be making memories to cherish, only to be returning to create some more in the future. Glad that I decided to come to this stunning place whose upkeep and construction is in Sahara India Pariwar’s hands. Got to give it to them for letting me have a delightful experience! Kudos!

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Leave your cubicle every once in a while to not miss out on life!

  1. Mansi Dahiya says:

    Subrata Roy Sahara stadium is amazing. It has spectator seating for 37,406 grouped into 4 stands and also parking for almost 4,000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers.

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