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The Most Accessible Tourist Places for People with Special needs

Travel is something that is meant for all, be it aged or people with special needs. Therefore on International Wheelchair’s Day, we present you a list of the most accessible Tourist Places for People with special needs.

  1. Barcelona, Spain 

Tourist Places

Barcelona offers the comfort of wheelchairs at 80% of the metro stations, 100% of buses and even on its famous beaches. It is also a relatively flat and cobble-free city. One can enjoy beautiful attractions like Sagrada Família, La Rambla and Mercat de la Boqueria for free!

  1. Bali, Indonesia 

Tourist Places

Bali is also a good option for safe diving and snorkeling, accessible safari in East Java and scuba diving in east Bali. Bali Access Travel specializes in accessible wheelchair travel in Bali, Java and Lombok, equipment hire, a home care service, and airport transfers.

  1. Playa del Carmen, Mexico 

Tourist Places

You must visit Playa del Carmen for wheelchair-accessible Mayan archaeological sites. Even if you can’t swim, there’s adaptive equipment to allow you go snorkeling to enjoy the coral reef and green turtles. All of this within walking distance, there’s no need for accessible transport.

  1. Hawaii 

Tourist Places

Hawaii is a tourist place where people with special needs enjoy the water with tandem surfboards, wave skis, and designed shoreline flotation equipment. There are many resorts that offer outdoor pools and beach and accessible shuttle buses.

  1. India 

Tourist Places

Like most other tourist-friendly countries around the world, India too specializes in holidays for people with special needs. You can enjoy places like Taj Mahal, historical forts and mountains in Rajasthan with the easy availability of standard ramps in trains, airports and non-slippery walkways. If you’re a beach person, Goa that attracts millions of tourists around the world is the place for you where you can experience amazing beaches. You can visit Kashmir for stunning scenery or Kerala for its amazing backwaters.

  1. Sicily, Italy 

Tourist Places

Home to Europe’s largest active volcano, Mt Etna, Sicily is the best tourist place for blind, motor-impaired people if they want to experience scuba diving, 4WD off-road driving, traditional Sicilian fishing, and olive oil making.

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  1. Singapore 

Tourist Places

Presence of the Mass Rail Transit (MRT) and buses for people with special needs makes Singapore the most accessible city in Asia. It has an infrastructure with step-less access to most buildings and has no shortage of kerb cuts. You can have easy access to street food hawker centers, and not to forget its marvelous zoo.

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