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Lakshadweep the Paradise on Earth

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Lakshadweep is beautiful, quiet and a calm island of India. Lakshadweep is a bunch of numerous small islands. It is the most attractive tourist spot with excellent gleaming white sand beaches, incomprehensible and striking marine life and amazing water sports.

It is the one stop destination for nature lovers, the ones who love water and keep a heart for adventure sports. Apart from resting in the arms of shining blue sky and hypnotizing nature, you can have fun with fun unlimited rides in water, scubadiving, kayaking and a lot more.

Lakshadweep Island offers you with some extravagant beauties like-

  1. Kadmat

It gives you the chance to experience the marine life. The island is embellished with lovely palm trees alongside sandy sunny beach.

  1. Kavaratti Island

The amazing lagoons with white sandy shorelines are worth visiting. The dolphin show is the center of attraction of this beach, which fascinates enormous amount of tourists.  It has an aquarium which keeps each sort of fish in that aquarium to uncover the marine life magnificence.

  1. Kalpeni Island

The island is in a dynamic state when women studies are considered. It is the best island to scuba dive with its shining water and delightful shorelines it is the best to stay to appreciate picturesque magnificence and scenic beauty.

  1. Bangaram Atoll

Encompassed with lagoons and coral leafs, this island draws in gigantic measure of tourists. The island also permitsliquor consumption. Visitor can reach Bangaram through planes and ships too.

  1. Agatti Island

This virtual door to Lakshadweep islands is nothing less than a paradise. Agatti has plenteous coral developments and multi-shading fishes in the loveliest lagoons of Lakshadweep. This island is significantly known for being travelled by very famous Ibn Battuta, the Arabian traveller.

  1. Minicoy Island

The island keeps up exceptionally rich society with a wonderfulbeach. It has a hang of Maldives on it society and way of life. It is served by exceptionally celebrated by special male dancers called lava dancing. Close by it is best to do fish angling here. The second biggest of all is delightful and is molded like a C with a perfect beacon.

Kerala holidays India assists you with making sense of your packages as indicated by your accommodation and requirements. So benefit the ayurveda holiday packages and feel the excellence of these amazing islands. Take a break from your monotonous life and spend some time in Lakshadweep.

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