Subrata Roy Sahara’s Aamby Valley: A hill city created truly for the love of life

Developed and envisioned by Subrata Roy’s Sahara India Pariwar in 2008, the hill city is a popular attraction for tourists from all over India. Check out the first-hand experience of Aamby Valley, shared by one of our guest bloggers:

It was the year 2010. Weddings had always held a special place in my life, but this wedding was extra-special. Why? Because I was the bride! From the wedding venue to the bridal attire, from the caterers to the photographers – my fiancé and I had decided everything. Being the latest innovation in the “wedding industry”, pre-wedding photoshoots were in vogue. So, we went on to book one for ourselves.

I didn’t know how a pre-wedding shoot worked – for me it was just a casual outing with lots of photos. In my excitement of trying something new, I didn’t even ask the photography team about the venue of the photoshoot. On our way, I was told that we were going “somewhere near Lonavala”. My mind was immediately taken to the picturesque hills and serene landscape, amid which we would be captured by the camera.

However, the actual location of my pre-wedding photoshoot was far more stunning than what I anticipated – it was the luxe Aamby Valley that was constructed about two years ago by Sahara India Pariwar (I had read about it in the newspaper). The dream city of Subrata Roy surpassed every version of its description I had read or heard of.


Situated around 25 km from Lonavala, Aamby Valley is nestled in the lap of the Sahyadris. Amid the green valleys and clouds is a beautiful realization of what a person wants in an ideal city – peace. Be it the lovely sceneries or privacy –this city had it all. We could distinctly hear the chirping of the birds, and smell the fresh scent of the blooming flowers.

The beginning of my expedition

Our first taste of what the luxurious experience this hill city had to offer came right at the moment we reached there. There was a red carpet laid for the guests (read ‘us’), and as we walked to the reception we were welcomed with a drumroll. Two saree-clad ladies were present at the reception’s entrance, carrying traditional thalis and diyas, ready to fix a red tika on the guests’ forehead. It reminded me of my wonderful reception at Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur. Soon we got the room numbers, and we boarded a Mercedes that took us to the reception of the timber chalets, which we had booked for our stay since my pre-wedding photoshoot was a 2-day affair.


The sheer elegance, combined with the coziness, made me feel like I’m in the seventh heaven. However, my joy was cut short since after dropping our luggage at the chalets, we had to head for the first session of the photoshoot.

Gallops – the Equestrian center

They say “there’s always a first time”. It indeed was for me – I had never tried horse-riding before. Gallops at Sahara India Pariwar ’s hill city was the perfect spot for the first session of our photoshoot. It was just like a fairytale come true – there was me, all dolled up in one of the classiest attires, and then there was him – my Mr. Right, riding a white horse.


We also took a Victorian-style carriage to get clicked. While we were there, the jockey told us some nitty-gritty of horse-riding that can come handy especially if you are a first-timer.

Lunch at Manuhaar

It was 2:15 pm already and we were famished, so we rushed to Manuhaar, an Indian cuisine restaurant in Aamby Valley, which provided us with a worthwhile experience. We tasted brilliance in the form of a food platter.

Featuring delicious Indian fare prepared by expert chefs, lunch at Manuhaar was an absolute delight. The fine dining restaurant resonated richness not just in the flavors, but also in its impressive decor.

Water sports at Wetlands


After a scrumptious meal at Manuhaar, it was now time for us to have some fun. And there was no other place better suited for this than the waterfront – Wetlands. Though the waterfall safari was closed at the moment (it is open only during the monsoons), we did have a refreshing experience with Jet Ski and speed boat. The candids clicked during the water sports by our photographers turned out to be mesmerizing.

End of Day 1

The day, though tiring, was fun. After the water sports, we headed back to the chalets for some refreshments. Our dinner was scheduled at Woodpecker, a world cuisine restaurant at Sahara India’s Aamby Valley. The warm and bright restaurant served us a delicious meal. The candles lit at the dinner table provided the perfect romantic setting. The relaxed atmosphere at the restaurant was a delight for our exhausted minds. However, since the body needs rest too, we headed straight back to the chalets. I was asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

Day 2: The historic Korigad Fort

After a quick breakfast at the chalets, we checked out and moved to the next location of my pre-wedding photoshoot– the Korigad Fort. The massive structure is said to have been incorporated into his kingdom by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj along with the forts of Lohagad, Tung, Tikona, and Visapur in 1657.


Although in a dilapidated condition, not all magnificence of the fort was lost. Surrounded by lush valleys, Korigad Fort proved to be a picturesque location for the photoshoot. We spent about three to four hours there, but the efforts put in by the photography team paid off really well. The rare mix of calm, green and warm, earthy hues that we found there accentuated the beauty of our photos, and the result was enthralling.

And then it was time

My pre-wedding photoshoot was over. Now it was time to head home. However, we were not returning empty-handed. With tons of beautiful photographs and enchanting experience of luxury, comfort, and calmness – Aamby Valley gave us memories to cherish forever.

It has been almost a decade, but the experience is still fresh in my mind. I wanted to visit the place once again for my 5th wedding anniversary, but it was closed off back then. However, I’m glad that the charming location is open to visit once again. Planning a visit for my 10th anniversary now!


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  • This is an amazing experience of Aamby Valley experienced by you and also written in words very nicely. This city created by Subrata Roy is very fascinating.

  • nice post.. I like that you have shared the first hand experience of a visit to Aamby Valley developed by Subrata Roy.

  • Aamby valley is a very beautiful place as looking in pictures. After reading this I am sure that this year I am going to plan a trip to this place.
    Subrata Roy did very good job by creating such a beautiful place for holidays. good job keep it up

  • It was a great experience at Aamby Valley. Thanks to Subrata Roy for creating this amazing spot in Lonavala. Eagerly waiting for my next trip to this place.

  • Subrata Roy has developed an amazing city to visit and spend time. I been there and had relaxed weekend. My experience is very good with Aamby Valley. Very amazing place. Your blog is also good because you have mentioned all the things to do there.

  • I think Aamby Valley which is developed by Subrata Roy Sahara India Pariwar is place which a commom person cannot afford. It is a beautiful place but it is very expensive. I was also planning to go there but the rates are very much.

  • Really this place looks very amazing. Pictures of your pre-wedding shoot are awesome. I am going to marry soon so I will plan a pre-wedding shoot at Aamby Valley only. I was in search of such post. Thanks alot to share your owm experience.

  • Looks like a beautiful place! Great job with it sahara India. Might plan a trip here soon, it seems really good.

  • Sounds amazingly interesting. Going to visit the place.
    And I just came to know that Aamby Valley is developed by Subrata Roy's Sahara India Pariwar. Thanks for sharing such posts.

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