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Virtual trek to Hampta Pass

Virtual trek to Hampta Pass? Here’s all what you need to know

One of the best mountain adventure locations in India, Hampta Pass is indeed a paradise for nature lovers. The place is well-known for its breathtakingly beautiful views, lofty peaks, and lush green meadows. Every year, it attracts a number of tourists from all over the country. Virtual trek to Hampta Pass is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of Manali.

Located in Himachal, Hampta Pass is the perfect trekking destination for adventure enthusiasts and explorers. Its name has been derived from Hampta Village located in Pir Panjal region. Here’s all that you need to know about the Hampta Pass trek:

  • Hampta Pass Trek is one of the most preferred tourist attractions in Spiti region for camping
  • The maximum altitude of Hampta Pass is 14100 feet
  • It connects Kullu to Lahaul
  • Hampta Pass Chandratal Trek covers around 26 kms
  • Route: Manali – Chika – Balu Ka Ghera – Siagoru – Chatru – Chandratal – Manali
  • Temperature: 10 to 15 degree Celsius in the morning; 2 to 5 degree Celsius at night
  • The snow-capped mountains in this region lead to a fairly cool climate throughout the year
  • Transportation options: By train- Nearest Railway Station: Joginder Nagar Railway Station, By Air-Nearest Airport: Bhuntar Airport, Kullu. You can also commute via bus as a number of luxury buses are available on a regular basis
  • Hampta Pass trek boasts of scenic Glaciers, rivulets, jagged mountains, and meadows
  • An ideal duration of 4 days is needed to complete explore Hampta Pass and complete the trek
  • It is recommended to start the trek from Manali at 14100 ft as it is way convenient compared to starting from a remote village
  • Your experience of Hampta Pass trek majorly depends on the weather conditions. The time period from July to August is perfect for Hampta Pass. Temperature falls below freezing point in winters.
  • Virtual trek to Hampta Pass  is said to be perfect for beginners and comparatively, one of the easiest of all the treks in the region
  • It is believed to be a moderate trek which has a lot of options for adventurous activities as per the interest of trekkers
  • Hampta Pass trek is suitable for all the solo travellers, if you have all your arrangements in place
  • You should keep a stock of a few nutritious food items suitable for trekking.
  • You also need proper trekking shoes, sports socks, woollen socks, gumboots,
  • Fleece jacket, proper woollen clothes, synthetic track pants, thermals, woollen monkey cap, gloves, head-scarf, muffler, towel, LED Torch/ headlamps, Hot water bottle/bag, sunglasses with 100% UV protection, sunscreen lotion, backpack, daypack and trekking pole for the trek
  • You might need the medicines like Crocin, Avomine, Avil, Combiflam, Disprin, Norflox, Crepe bandage, Band-aid, Digene, Gauze cloth, Leukoplast, Cotton, ORS, Betadine or any antiseptic cream, Volini or Moov spray during the trek
  • You must be aware of the trail and all the routes for the trek. Solo travelers are advised to seek assistance from experienced campaigners to ensure complete safety
  • As you climb up, the landscapes and scenery keep on getting all the more beautiful and diverse
  • Few years back, it was an alternative route between Lahaul and Kullu Valley before the road was made over Rohtang Pass
  • Key attractions: Vashisht Temple, Johari, Bhalu Ka Gehra, Chandra River, Chandra Taal, Chandra Bhaga, Kunzum Pass
  • Over the trek, you’ll get to see different hues of nature. It has vertical rock walls, waterfalls, hanging glaciers, tiny lakes, peaks rising above 6000 meters
  • Hampta Pass trek takes you through the expansive Oak fields, Rhodo, Pine, and Hampta River. You’ll also get to see picturesque views of Mt. Deo Tibba and Mt. Indrasan
  • The locals at Hampta Pass are quite humble and simple in their customs of living. You can come across various forms of handloom work and art forms here
  • This endearing experience also gives you splendid views of birds, flowers and rock-strewn territories, pine forests, glacial valleys, waterways, and sweeping paddocks.
  • Though the trek ends, there is an extra day reserved for excursion and camping at Chandratal Lake.


Over the years, the increasing number of travel enthusiasts and explorers have made Hampta Pass one of the most sought-after destinations. Add this beautiful destination to your bucket list if you haven’t yet!

Rohan Khanna

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  • Manal and Chandratal Lake trek is breathtaking and for the trail can be difficult; nevertheless rewarding. It’s an adventure that will resonate for years to come and camping by the Chandratal Lake surely does awaken your senses to a higher area.
    As we call ChandraTal lake as moon lake, it is a very beautiful lake that offers you the beautiful landscape.

  • Indeed, Hampta pass chandratal trek is just wonders for a Heavenly feeling! The Himalayan Mountains offer you the awe- inspiring view of Snow- clad mountains, majestic beauty of woods, exotic species of Birds, Plants, Flowers and Animals, and also the glimpse of Himalayan Culture. In other words, if you are a adventure lovers it will making you feel like your soul is blooming with happiness. Dont miss Chandratal Lake Trek with Hampta Pass 2020.

    • Hi Adhiraj....Even if you're a beginner in trekking you can still go for Hampta Pass Trek.

    • @Abhinav here’s a 5 day paln for hampta Pass Trek:
      Day 1: Manali To Chika Via Jobra
      Day 2: Chika to Balukaghera
      Day3: Balu Ka Ghara to Siagoru, Crossing (Hampta Pass)
      Day 4: Sheagoru to Chhatru drive to Chandratal
      Day 5: Catru to Manali via Rothang Pass

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