Places to visit in Amalfi Coast Italy

Your next perfect holiday plan is here, check out the places to visit in Amalfi Coast Italy

Amongst some of the most beautiful creations of nature, stands the Amalfi Coast, Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site offers pristine views and mouth-watering cuisine. A favorite amongst movie makers, you can also check out spots where actors have created historic scenes.

The coast offers something for every type of travelers. However, it is for you to find out which town suits your travel itinerary the best. While there are laid back, quiet and calm places like Conca Dei Marini, there are places like Positano, that have all the hustle a traveler can get. Well, to help you plan a better trip, here are the top places to visit in Amalfi Coast Italy.



Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Italy

The first and the easiest place to reach on the Amalfi coast is Sorrento. Since this is the first leg of the journey you wish to take, you will find almost everyone who is there to visit Amalfi in the town. The high season witnesses visitors peaking and difficult excursions on the narrow roads along the coasts.

Sorrento is the town from where you can plan all your day trips and explore a lot of things around. It is a blend of traditional and modern day conveniences. Also, you can easily plan your trips from Naples or to Pompeii.

Amalfi & Atrani

Amalfi & Atrani, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Pebble and sand beaches in the largest town of Amalfi without the cost of VIP nightlife and prices. It is home to beautiful medieval buildings and also interests people with historical interests. For people who love to explore the era gone by, this is one of the best places to visit in Amalfi Coast Italy.

Two miles away from the town, is the smallest town in Southern Italy, Atrani. You can spend your daytime exploring beaches and then in the evening, go for a stroll to see the historical beauty of these towns.

Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast, Italy

The last small town on the Amalfi coast, it is a place where the least number of tourists flock. With great views and food, there is one more thing that makes this town special, and that is the fine range of ceramics. Bright earthenware is what draws the crowd here. Apart from that, it is a small town not necessarily built for tourists. If your idea of a perfect holiday is spending some quiet time at the seashore, you can look towards Vietri Sul Mare.


Salerno, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Somewhere at the end of the 43-mile coastline, lies Salerno, which offers a unique experience when compared to other Amalfi towns. It is directly connected to Rome via train and thus is easy to reach. If there is something you should include in your things to do in Amalfi coast list, the pubs, clubs, and restaurants in this town should be given all due preference. The cathedrals and castles alongside the modern day food and dining experiences make this town a surreal experience. The Medieval Cathedral and Centro Storico are two places you should pay a visit.


Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Also called the “vertical town”, it is famous for its pastel-colored houses that are located on cliffs and look like they are falling into the sea. Beautiful views and its central location make it a popular spot amongst tourists.

A popular spot amongst tourists, Positano is the glamour town that is expensive and sees celebrities every once in a while. The prices here are higher, but worth the starry life that you’ll live on your vacation.

With every town speaking of its own story, Amalfi Coast is the place to be on your next vacation. These and many more towns on the coastline welcome tourists for an incredible experience, making it amongst the top locations in the world for a holiday.


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