Move to Miami: The queerest (yet beautiful) beaches of the Magic City

Swaths of bright, white sand and turquoise water stretching for miles – Miami is known for its beaches. Although the ‘Magic City’ has a pretty active nightlife, the seashores are something that you just can’t imagine Miami without – a part of the city’s identity.

Exploring Miami, you’ll wander through the gay section at 12th, and you’ll see Instagram “models” taking the same bikini shot 100 times. You might happen upon a drag show at Palace, and club promoters handing out fliers. However, somewhere, at some point, you’ll see something completely other-worldly and bizarre, and say to yourself, “Only in Miami.”

At Trip Experience Blog, we bring you five of the queerest (yet beautiful) beaches of the Magic City that would make you want to move to Miami. Take a look:

1. South of Fifth (SoFi)


Although South of Fifth is considered a part of the South Beach, but if your turn right at the end of MacArthur Causeway, you’ll find a quieter, calmer, more relaxed stretch of sand. The locals’ beach surrounded by glass towers, SoFi has only a handful of clubs and bars. On weekends, you can get the thrill-chills as the cruise ships sail by, creating the spectral sensation of watching a 20-story building float past.

2. Crandon Park


The best beaches in the city sit in Key Biscayne, across the Rickenbacker Causeway. Crandon Park is a postcard-perfect palm-lined paradise. A soft-sand slice of land that feels like a deserted tropical island, Crandon Park has bright turquoise water, as calm as a lake. The place is best suited to bring kids who want to get in the bay. There are plenty of paddleboard and kayak rentals available, and the calm waters make it an ideal place to take a swim.

3. Haulover Beach


Haulover is Miami’s clothing optional (read: nude) beach. Within a few minutes of walking onto the sand at Haulover, you’ll feel like a complete idiot if you’re strutting around with your swimsuit still on. The crowd comprises of everyone and every body type, with lots of families and foreign visitors blended in.

4. Surfside


Miami’s best little beach town, Surfside used to be a throwback to the Miami Beach of the yesteryears, populated by beach shops, delis, and old Italian restaurants. However, Surfside has transformed as of late. It now welcomes Miami’s newest Four Seasons and a slew of new restaurants that draw a lot more tourists. The beach that was once the domain of older folks and seasonal residents has a different crowd now, as young families continue to flock to Surfside for vacation.

5. Bill Baggs State Park


Want to feel like you’re on a deserted island? Bill Baggs State Park is just the place for you! Located just a few miles from Downtown, at the far end of Key Biscayne, Bill Baggs State Park is a slice of Florida’s deep wilderness marked by a historic lighthouse and views out to Stiltsville. The narrow beach will make you feel like you’ve washed up on a marshy island.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Pack your bags, and get ready to move to Miami!


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