Himachal Pradesh

Jibhi – The Hidden Gem of Himachal Pradesh

Jibhi is a small-ish area with beautiful sites and locations. There are innumerable villages and hotspots that will cast a spell on you with its beauty. Come with us and indulge in Jibhi, the hidden gem of Himachal.


  1. Jibhi Waterfalls:

The Jibhi waterfalls should definitely be on your list of travel destinations. This Valley escapade is located in the middle of the forest, this waterfall emerges from a height into the arms of man-made cement pool. The structure is wide enough to sit, relax and take in the beauty of nature. Jibhi, the paradise of Himachal also has a short 30 min hike further from the main Jibhi square.


There is a small wooden bridge that connects two banks of the water stream emerging from the mountains. It is a perfect place to sit, and soak in the beauty of mother nature. The scene of the Jibhi waterfalls and the forest look straight out of a fairy tale. Pictures here look unreal but there is no beauty of nature cameras can truly capture.


2. Chehni Kothi:

Built in the 17th century by King Dhadhu; the towering facade was originally a garrison. The tower is constructed in the historic Kullu/Kangri architectural style with the use of planks of timber and stone alternately making it a strong and interlocked grid. This Goddess Yogini’s shine is not permissible to enter inside it.

There is a small make-shift shack that sells steaming tea and heartwarming Maggi nearby.


3. Mini Thailand:

Jibhi’s ‘Mini Thailand’ will award you with a surreal experience. Formed along the path of the Tirthan river, there is a rocky crystal clear pool of water. There are two enormous boulders in the shape of a hut that makes this area particularly picturesque. The area is pristine and quite unknown to even locals devoting to the reasons why it is Jibhi the paradise of Himachal.


You can reach this place on foot only. It is only a short hike downwards from the Jibhi valley. You walk towards Jalori Pass for a couple of hundred meters and stop when you reach the forest guest house. From there, you can start walking in the opposite direction downstream. A little while ahead you’ll see pink/purple flowers blessing your eyes, and two distinct pipelines leading further down. You can count on them, just follow the pipes and in a couple of minutes, you’ll reach your hidden paradise.


4. Jalori Pass

Adding to – ‘Jibhi the paradise of Himachal’ this place will capture your heart and soul in it’s beauty. To reach Jalori Pass you can hop on a private cab from Jibhi or Shoja. It would take you about less than an hour to reach the Pass. The road there is quite treacherous with many sharp turns and making it a difficult ride so make sure your driver is an expert of the mountain roads. There is also a temple dedicated to Jalori Mata.


Here is a virtual tour of Jibhi – hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh.

We hope that you loved reading about Jibhi, the paradise of Himachal! Comment below and let us know more about the unexplored places you would like to read about!


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