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The journey from Bangalore to Agumbe is filled with thrills: treks, waterfalls and sunsets that will quench a traveler’s need of adventure and peace. Here are top 5 places you should visit in this road trip:-




1. Kodachadri

The first adventure in the journey of Bangalore to Agumbe is Kodachadri. It is amongst the top 10 highest peaks of Karnataka at an altitude of approximately 4,300 feet. Located in Shivamogga district of Karnataka, the trek of this mountain is resonant amidst nature lovers. There are multiple routes to complete the trek, but the route via Hidlumane Falls is preferred majorly. The bath in these falls after a tedious trek through forests is an exotic experience. This place is also rich in flora and fauna as it is near the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary.


Kundari hill


2. Kundadri Hill

This hill gives the experience of driving into the clouds. At a height of 2,700 feet above sea level, this is a test of driving skills. The condition of roads is reasonable, but the curves can give a tough time to even a seasoned driver. There is a 17th Century Jain temple at the hill top. A conversation with the pandit will enchant you with the history associated of this place. More than half of experienced travelers recommend visiting the top early morning to experience the artistic visuals of sky. Make sure the vehicle is loaded with food as there is no option of buying anything at the top.


Jog falls


3. Jog Falls

This is the crown jewel of Shivamogga. Jog falls is the second highest waterfall in India and are the best to visit during monsoon. Rainfalls contribute to the Sharavathi River and create a glorious sheet of water from almost 800 feet. The cold water will rejuvenate your body and surrounding greenery gives an overall serene experience. Mobile networks are negligible here, so it is suggested to stay together.


Barkana Falls


4. Barkana Falls

According to many veteran travelers, this place is the biggest attraction in the Bangalore to Agumbe journey. Barkana Falls are about 7 km from Agumbe and is surrounded by Western Ghats. Rainy season reveals this falls in all its glory. There is no definite path to reach these falls so get ready to face some stones and branches. After almost 3 km of trekking from the base, the traveler reaches Barkana Viewpoint. The falls are clearly visible from this spot surrounded by rain forests. As the sound of stream starts to get louder, the destination arrives. With a height of about 800 feet, these falls are an integral part of Karnataka’s hydroelectricity. The serene view and lush green environment will be an unforgettable experience.


Sunset view point agumbe


 5. Sunset Viewpoint

No biker has ever missed out on this place on their expedition of Bangalore to Agumbe. Sunset point is only 200 metres from the Agumbe Ghat. View of the landscape with fog, mountains and clear skies is pure ecstasy. Lots of picture perfect moments to capture with the gang.


So, let this roller coaster ride of almost 342 kms be this weekend’s getaway from the usual city life.

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Last modified: December 10, 2020

3 Responses to :
5 places in Bangalore to Agumbe journey to sort your weekend getaway

  1. Verrupali iyer says:

    Bangalore to Agumbe really Is it possible to complete trip in just 2 days?
    I’ve been to a agumbe awhile back but earlier I was only able to see barkana falls.
    But the means of transport at that time was bus so I’ve to schedule my whole trip accordingly!!
    I suggest if you are planning a trip for the same try to go on your own conveyance.

  2. Rishi jain says:

    what is the best time to visit Barkana falls and kundar hill and hotels?
    I am planing for a short trip form bangalore to agumbe
    please suggest me. thanks

  3. Shalini Sharma says:

    Thanks we’ve been searching for a weekend getaway in Karnataka for a while now and barkana fall was the only place that was good
    but after seeing the picture of jog fall !!
    I think it’s a must go to place!

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