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Virtual Tour of Lolab valley

A visit to the ‘land of love and beauty’: Why Lolab valley makes for a perfect tour this summer!

For those who cannot visit the place in the near future, a virtual tour of Lolab valley should serve the purpose, before you get the opportunity to visit the place physically.

One of the most popular destinations in the disputed region of the Kashmir Valley, ‘Waadi-e-Lolab’ or the Lolab Valley is well-known for the springs gushing out from the glaciers, orchards spanning over a large area, rice fields, and a beautiful lake. The place is quite far from Srinagar and it usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours of nonstop traveling to reach Lolab from the capital city, if the roads are not closed at any given point. If you don’t get the opportunity to visit the place due to excessive snow, a virtual tour of Lolab valley will offer you some useful insight about the location.

A small paradise in the lap of the Kupwara district, Lolab Valley is also called a ‘land of love and beauty’. The valley is actually formed by a combination of three valleys, which include Pootnai, Brunai, and Kalaroos valley. Lolab is separated from Bandipora district by heartwarming nagmarg meadows. The headquarter of the valley is situated at Sogam, a very densely populated area in the past.

Near Lolab Valley, a spring called Lavnag can be found, which is three feet deep with crystal clear water. Another major spring in the area is Gauri Spring, which is a major stream in the area. The entire valley is engulfed with natural beauty, attracting tourists from a number of places. It is an offbeat place that is bordered by the Kashmir valley to the south and the Neelum valley to the north.

Lolab valley is not only a beautiful destination for visitors but also the ‘fruit bowl’ of Kashmir. It is home to several types of fruits including apple, cherry, peach, apricot, etc. A virtual tour of Lolab valley will show you how the place is also home to many wild animals, such as Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, markhor, hangul, among others. The valley is separated by the line of control and it has witnessed a number of combats over the years.

Although a visitor can reach Lolab any time of the year, it is preferred to visit the place in the summers, starting from May to September. The temperature generally hovers around 30 degrees, making it easy to explore the region without facing many hurdles. If you wish to trek the mountain peaks in the region, you are in for a thriller. The natural beauty of Lolab valley is just unmatched and cannot be expressed by words.


“Percentage of travelers who have made a detour from Kashmir to lolab valley between 2016 to 2020”

If You haven’t visited the place yet, just pack your bag and make the itinerary to this beautiful part of the paradise on earth. For those who cannot visit the place in the near future, a virtual tour of Lolab valley should serve the purpose, before you get the opportunity to visit the place physically. All the best!


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