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Planning to visit Hong Kong? Here’s what all you need to know!


Face-offs and clashes in between the protesters and the police, the firing of tear gas and demonstrations by thousands across the city, from more than two months now, Hong Kong has observed continuous pro-democracy protests. Although most of the times, millions marched peacefully, a few times it became violent.

A prominent financial hub, Hong Kong, is also a popular destination for tourists. In 2018, it saw 29 million overnight visitor arrivals, the government data suggests. The question arises, is it safe to visit Hong Kong at present?

The authorities say that “Hong Kong remains a welcoming city for tourists and investors, a safe place for travelers from around the world,” through a website launched in response to the concern of the travelers. The website updates news on protests, transport update, and rumors clarification for the travelers.

The site also added that “The government, the business sector … as well as the community at large, all stand ready to welcome and assist visitors to Hong Kong any time.” The website also acknowledged that the protestors had vandalized properties, clashed with police and blocked the roads recently.

At least 28 countries have reportedly issued the advisories to the travelers including Japan, United States, United Kingdom, etc. But none of the states has advised not to visit Hong Kong. To exercise caution and stay away from areas under demonstrations are the main advises of the countries to the travelers.

Although you can fly to Hong Kong, on 11th and 12th August the protestors occupied the Hong Kong International Airport and almost 1,000 flights were disrupted. Those flying out were affected the most with several flights canceled and rescheduled. The protestors have threatened to occupy the airport again, and there are chances that a similar situation may happen again.

There are no reports of tourists being injured in the protests as most of the demonstrations were advertised in advance. It left ample time for the visitors to avoid them. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong, you are advised to keep an eye on local media reports and plan your visits to the areas of the cities accordingly.

Tourists are still arriving in the city, shops and restaurants are still open, and none of the man tourist stops has been closed, including the night markets, Star Ferry, the Peak Tram, etc. However, the protests have dented the numbers of visitors to the city.

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