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Mana Village in Uttarakhand: Explore the beauty of this breathtakingly beautiful village

Mana Village in Uttarakhand

Go on a hike with mesmerizing vistas at Mana Village in Uttarakhand popularly known as the ‘last Indian village’. It is a small hamlet 3 km away from Badrinath and a quaint location with the river Saraswati flowing on one side leading up towards the mountains.

Mana Village

Nestled at the height of around 3219 meters in Chamoli district and surrounded by the picturesque Himalayan hills, this Mana village is also designated as the ‘Tourism Village’. This place is a complete treat for visitors during winters as Mana village is covered in snow from mid-Nov onwards for a few months.

The village also holds a major religious significance for Hindus. It is believed that the Pandavas (the mythological characters of the epic Mahabharata) passed through this place when they made their final journey to heaven. Even ‘Bheema Pul’, a stone bridge near the Saraswati River, is believed to be created by Bheema (one of the five Pandava brothers).

Mana Village

The scenic destination offers numerous interesting activities for adventure lovers. For trekking purposes, visitors can go on a hike from Mana Village in Uttarakhand to Vasundhara, Mana to Mana Pass, and Mana to Charanpaduka, and many more.

The residents of this mystical village stay in small cottages decorated and carved gracefully. It is also famous for woolen garments, shawls, caps, mufflers, and more.

Mana Village in Uttarakhand was allocated the funds of Rs 7 crores for its makeover including cobbled roads, entry gate, and others to make it more tourist-friendly. Furthermore, the revamp will also contribute to boost the economy to some extent and streamline the lives of the villagers which is likely to be a win-win situation.

“Next 5 Days Temperature of Mana Village”Next 5 Days Temperature of Mana Village


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