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A Second Eden: Lake Mývatn in Iceland

Lake Mývatn in Iceland

Nestled amongst the barren, ragged landscape of Northern Iceland lies a lake whose beauty is perhaps unmatched around the globe. Dominated by craggy outcrops and crevices which are silent witnesses to the volcanic activities which gave birth to it 2,300 years ago, Lake Mývatn in Iceland is the epitome of paradise on Earth.

Lake Mývatn in Iceland

A note-worthy addition to the Diamond Circle, Lake Mývatn in Iceland and its surrounding wetlands are protected as a nature reserve. Teeming with flora and fauna, the scenic beauty of the lake would warm even the coldest of hearts. One can’t help but wonder if the waters of the lake were once frigid snow, immovable and frozen, which thawed over time.

Lake Mývatn in Iceland

Numerous species of ducks make this out-worldly lake their home, the most famous one being the Harlequin duck. The flora does not disappoint either. The summer months provide a visual treat for the eyes; the vegetation takes root and the result is a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors.

Situated in a hotbed of geothermal activity, Lake Mývatn in Iceland has numerous pseudo-craters which dot the landscape. The fissured ground is pock-marked with innumerable hot springs where one can enjoy a hot, refreshing dip.


“Number of Tourists in Lakhs Travel to Lake Myvatn in Last 5 years”

Number of Tourists in Lakhs Travel to Lake Myvatn in Last 5 years

Words can’t begin to describe the insurmountable beauty of the place and one has to actually be present there to take in Mother Nature’s masterpiece. So gird your cameras, bring forth the duffel bags, and go Viking for unforgettable memories at the Eden of Iceland.


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