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Facts About Namib Desert

Facts about Namib desert

Lesser-known Facts about Namib desert; the horizon of ocean and sand

When we think about Africa, our imagination is filled with great wholesome meals, aromatic flavors, rich mouthwatering sweets, soulful music, peppy and folk dance forms. Well, Africa has it all!

The most talked about is the ‘land of open spaces’, the mesmerizing desert, Namib. Here are a few facts about this beautiful desert touching sides with an ocean body. This rare African landscape has a lot more to amaze you!

Facts about Namib Desert, the African desert:

• With an age of over 80 million years, the Namib desert is the oldest in the world!

• Namib is the desert that touches the lines of Namibia, Angola, and South Africa

• The Dragon’s Breath in Namibia is the largest underground lake in the world

• Apart from the Quiver tree, which sheds off its own branches to save water, Namib’s geography gives birth to the lovely ‘platypus of the plant kingdom’ – Welwitschia Mirabilis, which has only 2 leaves and 1 stem!

• One of the most amazing facts about the Namib desert is that diamonds are the minerals of this desert! However, due to the lightweight and ease of theft, the areas that produce them have been prohibited.

“Next 5 Days Temperature of Namib Desert”Next 5 Days Temperature of Namib Desert

So when are you planning your trip to this unique landscape?


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