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EU to ease travel restrictions by the end of June 2020

EU to ease travel restrictions by the end of June 2020

Good news for travel enthusiasts! The European Union (EU) has recently announced to ease travel restrictions till the end of June, meaning that people would be able to travel freely to and from other countries.

The EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, in a recent announcement, said that while most governments will be lifting internal border controls by June 15, some might not be ready to open their homes to foreign guests by the end of June. Johansson also mentioned that the EU will consider gradual lifting of restrictions on non-essential travel from early July.

The announcement is expected to uplift the hard-hit tourism industry in the EU. The ease in travel restrictions is also expected to provide a boost to the summer holiday plans of millions of Europeans, since most EU countries plan to end internal border controls by 15 June.

In addition to this, the EU Home Affairs Commissioner has also called on all members states of the EU to end all internal border controls by the end of June. However, officials in the know-how revealed that a few restrictions could still remain in place until mid-July, in order to prevent a second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the governments have not specified which nationals from non-EU and non-Schengen countries would be allowed first. Despite this, they were quite clear that any foreign travellers will not face internal border controls once the travel restrictions are eased, and will be able to travel freely throughout the Schengen area once again.

The global travel industry, as well as the community of travel enthusiasts, has welcomed the announcement. With EU joining the league of the nations ready to lift their travel restrictions, the plummeting travel sector is expected to receive a wave of revival in post-Covid times.

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