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Dams to Visit in Karnataka

Top five dams to visit in Karnataka – The land of aromatic beverages, monuments, and temples

While visiting the beautiful soulful lands of Karnataka, situated on the coast of India, we must know that the most mesmerizing view held in the arms of Karnataka is its shimmering Dams.

Dams are used for retention of the water system, water, prevention of floods, navigation, water diversion They also collect or store water for even distribution to other places. They generate water for electricity. Karnataka, which is popularly known as the electronic city is known to have several dams.

So what are these dams made for?

These dams in Karnataka are the rationale why we get enough water system and electricity. Numerous rivers like Krishna, Kaveri, and more have dams built across them.

The Karnataka Power Corporation Limited was set up in the year 1970 and various projects to build dams were undertaken.

In 1970, the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited was established and it’s undertaken several projects to create dams. They use hydroelectric, thermal and diesel modes to get power.

Today we’ve lesser floods due to several dams around Karnataka like Tungabhadra, Supa, Narayanapura, Krishna Raja Sagara and more are a number of the favored dams in Karnataka.

These dams became popular tourist attractions for several. There are different aquatic animals and fish species in Tungabhadra like greater flamingos, storks, and the spot-billed pelicans which makes the Tungabhadra dam very extraordinary.

Here are the top 5 dams to visit in Karnataka:

  1. Krishna Raja Sagara Dam and Brindavan Gardens

The water from the Krishna dam is resourced to the state of Tamil Nadu. The dam is named after the then ruler of the Mysore Kingdom, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. The Chief Engineer, Sir M. Vishveswaraya engineered the development of the dam during the Wadeyar king’s regime in 1932

The musical fountain show presents a harmonized water dance, accompanied by colorful lights and music is the highlight of the dam! This makes it one of the most appealing Dams to visit in Karnataka.

  1. Tungabhadra Dam

The Tungabhadra Dam is the biggest in Karnataka. The dam has 33 gates that provide water for irrigation, electricity generation, and drinking water, this dam is built across the Tungabhadra River in Hospet.

  1. Vani Vilasa Sagara

Situated in Chitradurga and built across River Vedavathi during pre-independence, Vani is the oldest dam in Karnataka.

Vani Vilasa Sagara was built by the Mysore Maharajas pre-independence across the river Vedavathi. Vani Vilasa Sagara is the oldest dam within the state. The dam is an exquisite piece of architecture and an engineering marvel.

  1. Hemavati Dam

Constructed in 1979, Hemavati Dam in Hassan was built over the Hemavati River, which is a tributary of the Kaveri River. During the construction, the water levels submerged an ancient church called Shettihali Rosary Church, and today a part of it is visible only when the water is low.

  1. Kabini Dam

Rich in wildlife, the backwaters of Kabini Dam, one of the top dams to visit in Karnataka, are one of the most eye-pleasing sites to visit. The small dam is constructed near Beechanahalli village in Heggadadevanakote. The water of Kabini Damoriginates from Wayanad district. Apart from its tremendous beauty, Kabini wildlife and reservoir is a famous tourist place in Karnataka

Data of Amount of water stored across five dams in Karnataka

Top 5 Dams of Karnataka Storage Capacity
1.       Krishna Raja Sagara Dam 1.36  trillion liters water
2.       Tungabhadra Dam  2.8  trillion liters water
3.       Vani Vilasa Sagara  Dam 8.5  trillion liters water
4.       Hemavati Dam 1.01  trillion liters water
5.       Kabini Dam    2. 006  trillion liters water

So make a note on visiting these dams whenever you pay a visit to Karnataka!


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