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Best Travel Bloggers in India

Explore the world by following these top 10 bloggers in India!

There are many travel bloggers in India, and the trend is catching up. It is very easy to reach out to the people nowadays by filming your trip experience, especially with the advent of inexpensive smartphones and platforms. Here is a list of top 10 travel bloggers in India:

  • Seema Gurnani: The passion to explore new destinations has kept Seema on her toes. She has visited a number of places, shunning her comfort zone to take the road. Looking at the incredible journey of the 24-year-old Seema Gurnani, it is easy to say that she’s one of the best travel bloggers in India to follow.


  • Ami Bhat: A photography enthusiast, Ami is also a passionate travel blogger. From Ladakh to Meghalaya, Bhutan to Udaipur, she has seen it all. Apart from her own country, she has also visited Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines. Ami loves heritage destinations, lofty mountains, besides other destinations.


  • Umang Trivedi: Known for exploring remote areas of the world, Umang Trivedi is an adventure enthusiast. He likes unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes. He is arguably one of the best travel bloggers in India.


  • Swati & Sam: The combo of Swati and Sam is quite popular. They have explored 16 international destinations and many Indian towns and cities. If you want to explore India closely, follow these guys to get the best insights.


  • Mayuri Patel: She is the right person to follow if you want to know how you can travel while doing a full-time job. Mayuri took her first trip in 2011, and since then, she hasn’t looked back. She fell in love with traveling and the best part about her journey is the interaction with locals, instead of just appreciating the beauty of the place.


  • Reshma: She is a writer, a traveler, and a music lover. Reshma plans her trips very well and solo travel is what she prefers to just focus on enjoying the beauty around. She is one of the best travel bloggers in India.


  • Sahil Singh: He is always travel thirsty and it was the main reason behind him leaving a lucrative job. Sahil is a responsible traveler and a foodie. He has also traveled with strangers to experience the real fun of traveling.


  • Arti S: A village-lover, Arti loves travelling through small cities across India. A wanderer at hear, there’s a lot of information on her blog. She believes in following her heart and avoids carrying gadgets, instead, prefers a diary and a pen.


  • Elita: She’s a story teller and believes in redemptive power of narratives. She travels solo, as well as with her friends. Elita is not a gadget freak, but keeps a portable charger always with her.
  • Sumit Sharma: Passionate about travelling, Sumit loves India for its rich culture and heritage. He has covered more than 15 cities since starting his journey back in 2016. He is definitely one of the best travel bloggers in India that you could follow.

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