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As Taj Mahal gets its own air purifiers, the marble mausoleum will be able to breathe fresh air!

air purifiers in Taj Mahal

 With air pollution on the rise in India, our surroundings are getting a makeover. India’s Taj Mahal which is a monument of love, is also getting some special treatment. The second most visited World Heritage site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj is a beauty to behold.

The monument is located in Agra and is 210 kilometers away from New Delhi. Although the Taj Mahal has existed for a long time, the industrial era has threatened its existence. Recently, the authorities of Uttar Pradesh announced that two mobile air purifier vans will be stationed at the monument.

The authorities mentioned that the vans are for a trial basis and the officials are willing to use them in a sustainable manner. Bhuvan Prakash Yadav, who is one of the representatives from the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, talking about the efficiency of the purifier vans, pointed out that each van can purify 1.5 million cubic meters of air in eight hours.

Environmentalists time and again have warned the authorities about the effect of environmental degradation on the ivory monument. This is not the first time that pollution has created issues at the Taj Mahal. The continuous smoke from the chimneys, soot, and fumes from the factories, decreasing water table and the pile of garbage has aged and darkened the mausoleum.

taj mahal


The majority of the damage is due to air pollution and the heavily contaminated Yamuna River. The river passes next to the monument is also decreasing in its water level, risking the foundation and stability of the monument.

The government needs to introduce anti-pollution standards for the factories. In order to restore the monument, it is necessary that the tourist crowd is controlled, vehicle traffic is curbed and the roads near the monuments follow strict regulation. In this regard, the installation of air purifier vans is great progress in fighting the smog which is poisoning the Taj, even further.


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