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Revelstoke tourism works rigorously to boost the sector in future

Revelstoke tourism

Revelstoke tourism organization recently discussed the survival and recovery of tourism industry from COVID-19 losses. It is working on various initiatives, campaigns, and future plans. Tourism Revelstoke focuses to boost the community spirit, engage people, and plans events to enhance and recover the tourism industry from the effects of COVID-19 travel bans.

Tourism Revelstoke is planning to host weekly online tourism sector calls for solutions of local businesses. It is spreading information on what Tourism Revelstoke is working on and guiding them on how businesses can upgrade amidst COVID-19 crisis.

The tourism department is working on a survey program and communicating with businesses around the region. Businesses in the region are facing losses over $20,000 due to COVID-19 outbreak. However, they are recognizing the situation and generating desirable online forums to enable communication, brainstorming and best practice sharing.

Tourism Revelstoke is working on a three-phase plan to recover from losses. They are called as “Response, Reignite, Recover.” It aims to be present, transparent, and informative while keeping Revelstoke in mind as a destination for travelers. The reignite phase will back industry stakeholders and the community. However, the recovery phase will include launching of domestic campaign with a geographical focus on the closest markets.

The Revelstoke Visitors Centre has also created the Revy Info Page on Facebook to get information about businesses in the region. Modified visitor servicing is offered and still receiving inquiry calls for accommodation and dining options.

Presently, Tourism Revelstoke aims to maintain its online presence. A Re-live Revelstoke campaign is already launched to keep the conversation about Revelstoke going. All sectors understand the current scenario and are optimistic about their future. There are over 1 million cases of COVID-19 and 52,000 deaths across the globe.

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