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#KeralaTales: Kerala Tourism comes up with new video for attracting tourists


After the massive flood which hit the God’s paradise in 2018, left the lands of Kerala destroyed. The people of Kerala not only suffered with helplessness but the state trembled with the aftermaths of the monsoon flood. Kerala showed strength as the entire community fought back this tragedy. As the tourism season started in Kerala, the state is witnessing a slowdown. The local tourism industry is looking for ways through which it could be revived.

One such venture has been initiated by Kerala Tourism. They recently took up to their official Twitter handle as they posted a new video, with #KERALATALES. The video focuses on aiming to integrate tourism by attracting crowds as they plan to aim 10-12 percent increase in growth. Tourism was the most severely affected in the business sector. The video exhibits the lives of ordinary people who suffered the most during the worst flooding disaster.

Coming to the video, it shows the account of two families who migrated to Kerala. The families take into account are from Gujarat and Goa. The five-minute long video showcases the unique geographical features of the state as they trace Kerala’s historic journey. The video through real-life footage and animation brings the viewers a blended combination of creativity. The shot video talks about the livelihood of families by delivering an emotional experience.

The video archives of Kerala Tourism contains different videos which endorse different various specialties as they strongly convince you to consider planning your next trip to this paradise. The refreshing perspective shared by the state and how they are fighting to stand still against devastating floods. This initiative is part of the brand campaign, Human by Nature where the government plans to introduce different market initiatives to revamp Kerala’s tourism sector.

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