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Japan routes slashed by Korean Air amid flaring tensions

Japan routes slashed by Korean Air

Korean Air has announced its plans to reduce the frequency of some routes, in light of decreasing demand for Japanese routes due to the rising Korea-Japan tensions. The airline will, at the same time, increase the frequency of routes in the Chinese, Oceania and Southeast Asia markets.

The Busan-Osaka route (14 flights a week) will be suspended by Korean Air from September 16, along with Jeju-Narita (3 flights a week) and Jeju-Osaka (4 flights a week) from November 1, 2019.

The airline will also temporarily suspend some of its other routes. Incheon-Komatsu (3 flights a week) and Incheon-Kagoshima (3 flights a week) will be suspended from September 29 to November 16, and Incheon-Asahikawa (5 flights a week) will be suspended from September 29 to October 26, 2019.

For Incheon-Osaka/Fukuoka routes, both routes currently have 28 flights a week, and the frequency will be decreased to 21 flights a week between October 27 and November 16, 2019. The frequency of Incheon-Okinawa will be reduced from seven to four flights a week, and Busan-Narita/Fukuoka from fourteen to seven flights a week, between September 29 and November 16.

Korean Air also plans to strengthen its route competitiveness in the meantime by focusing more on other markets, such as Southeast Asia, Oceania, and China in the winter season. The changes are subject to government approval and will come into effect after government approval.

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