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Egypt welcoming tourists with latest archaeological discoveries

Egypt archaeological discoveries

The mystical land of Egypt has surprised the world once again. An ancient Egyptian temple has been unearthed by the archaeologists in the country. According to the experts, the temple is more than 2200-year-old. It has also been revealed that the centuries-old temple might belong to Pharaoh Ptolemy IV from Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt.

In its statement, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities quipped that the structure was discovered accidentally by some construction workers. While drilling on a sewage drain in the village of Kom Shakau in the Tama town, Sohag, on the bank of the Nile, the workers found the structure and informed the archaeology department.

The construction work was put to a halt immediately, while the team of archaeologists explored the region and the remains of the ancient temple. During their exploration, the archaeologists also discovered stone inscriptions that read, “Ptolemy IV, the name of Egyptian ruler who ruled between 221 and 204 BC”.

Eminent historians of the country are of the opinion that Ptolemy IV ruled Egypt from around 221 BC to 204 BC, and that the king was more inclined towards pursuing artistic endeavors than being a ruler.

The temple’s discovery near the Nile River is a recent addition to the numerous discoveries made by archaeologists earlier this year. The Egyptian Government now hopes that all these recent discoveries will boost the inflow of tourists to the country. These archaeological sites could prove to be a great addition to Egypt’s wide array of ancient structures, such as the pyramids and the Sphinx.

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