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Australian Government warns citizens traveling to Jakarta

Jakarta Riots

Political unrest has been escalated in the capital city of Indonesia – Jakarta after the Presidential election results of Indonesia were declared. Australians have been advised by the Department of foreign affairs and Trade (DFAT)Australian Government, to rethink travel plans to Indonesia.

Election Commission on Tuesday announced the victory of President Joko Widodo over former General Prabowo Subianto. Since then, violent riots and clashes have been reported between protesters and police in Jakarta. It has been reported that six people have lost their lives and 200 have been wounded. Several Public institutions, including schools and other cultural sites, have been closed down on Wednesday.

DFAT has advised Australian tourist planning to visit Indonesia to ‘exercise a high degree of caution’ throughout the country, including Bali. Due to heightened security and safety reasons, DAFT advised those planning to visit Poso Regency in Central Sulawesi and Papua Province to reconsider their plans.

Smart Traveller website quotes DFAT: “Indonesian authorities have advised there is an increased risk of violence, including possible acts of terrorism”. The website also states, “Avoid these protest areas. There are also protests planned in regional cities including Makassar and Surabaya.” It also states that ‘a heavy police presence remains at the protest sites. Police continue to intercept protesters from regional areas’.

DFAT also issued a warning to Australian tourists traveling to Bali to be more cautious about their personal security at all time and to keep an eye on updates about new safety and security risks. DFAT’s travel advisories are under constant review. Several other countries including New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom have also issued similar travel warnings to its citizens.

National Police Spokesperson Muhamad Iqbal claimed these incidents as ‘not spontaneous’ but something by planning and ‘design’. However, Indonesia claims to have stationed 40,000 police and army personnel on duty in Jakarta to maintain law and order.

Widodo won with more than 85 million votes out of 154 million of total votes. However, retired General Prabowo cries ‘foul play’.

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