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A major blow to Sri Lanka’s tourism industry due to Easter terror attack

Sri Lanka

Following the heinous suicide blasts in Sri Lanka, the country’s tourism sector has experienced a major impact. The tourists are canceling their holiday booking in the country.

As a matter of fact, Sri Lanka was recently named the world’s top destination for 2019 by a renowned guide book. The terror attack on hotels and churches on the occasion of Easter claimed more than 300 lives, including more than 35 foreigners.

Martin Ewest, a Germany-based school teacher arrived in the island nation two days ago for a vacation with his family. However, he was terrified for his family’s safety upon hearing about the attacks.

“We want to leave as soon as possible… but our embassy can’t help because they are on holiday, our airline says they can’t do anything, and our hotel has not offered us any assistance,” he said.

“It’s a difficult situation… we are like sitting ducks, waiting until we can leave next week,” added Mr. Ewest.

Reportedly, three hotels the Cinnamon Grand, the Shangri-La, and the Kingsbury Hotel, which were hit by powerful explosions have been shut down until any further notice.

Kashif Ali, a Pakistani executive who was trying to book Cinnamon Grand for his family, got a lucky escape due to non-availability of the rooms in the hotel.

“We had all these plans to travel around the country but now we are scared to go anywhere,” he said, mentioning how the blasts evoked the disturbing memories of Pakistan’s own history of militant violence.

“We came here to escape all this — we wanted to relax, not spend all day in a hotel. Now we are just waiting to leave — it’s been a waste of a holiday,” his sister-in-law Sobia Samreen said.

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