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Facts About Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur

Facts about Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur

Interesting Facts about Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur

Escape the ordinary! If you are just done with the isolating year 2020 that has recently passed by and want to surround yourself with serenity in the lap of nature, the majestic Dhuandhar falls can be the next location to rejuvenate your soul. Interesting facts about Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur have fascinated a number of travelers.

Also known as Smoke cascade, its name is derived from two Hindi words – Dhuan (smoke) + Dhar (flow) meaning a waterfall where one can witness a smoke-flow-like feeling.

Facts about Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur

Located at Bhedaghat, 30 km away from Jabalpur, the picturesque falls rushing down for 30 m has become a major attraction for tourists visiting from different corners of the country.

Making the way through marble rocks, this waterfall originates from the Narmada river and plunges so forcefully that it creates a bouncing mass of mist. This is one of the most interesting facts about Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur. The plunges are extremely powerful and one can hear the uproar from a far-off distance.

Facts about Dhuandhar falls in Jabalpur

The viewing platforms are well-constructed alongside to get mesmerizing views. However, one shouldn’t compromise on his safety. Ensure that you don’t cross the railings built just for getting the right view.

“Best time to visit Dhuandhar waterfall”

 Best time to visit dhuandhar waterfall

To get a glimpse of the scenic beauty and spectacular surroundings, the Dhuandhar waterfall in Jabalpur is always chock-full with tourists.

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