Medical Tourism 101: Travel tips for people traveling for treatments

Having to travel abroad for medical treatments can be quite difficult, especially if you are undertaking such a journey for the first time. At Trip Experience Blog, we bring you five of the best tips for medical tourism, which can help you ensuring the success and safety of your journey.

1. Communicate with medical experts

Prior to booking the treatment and choosing your destination, it is important to have a chat with the prospective medical experts to know more about their approach, credentials, experience, specializations, etc.

2. Plan all of the logistics

Upon booking your trip, it is better plan the logistics right down to the minutest detail. This includes everything transfers to/from the airport, accommodations, ground transportation abroad, taking care of medical bills, etc. While the element of surprise that comes along with spontaneity might work for a typical vacation, undertaking medical tourism works best with diligent planning.

3. Coordinate with hotel and airline

It is wise to co-ordinate with your airline and hotel regarding any specific needs if you are undertaking a journey for a specific treatment, in order to ensure a comfortable and safe journey and stay.

4. Bring a companion, if possible

You might find yourself in a difficult situation while you are on your medical travel. Consider bringing a companion with you, since this person can help you with almost anything everything – from getting your prescriptions filled to providing you some emotional support.

5. Prepare for recovery and after-care

If you are travelling abroad for a surgery or any other major treatment, you will need some time to recover. It is important to take this time into account while planning for your medical travel. A little, thoughtful planning in advance can help you enhance your medical tourism experience.


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