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How To Have The Best Bondi Beach Experience

White sand, curling waves, soothing sun and thriving beach life – if this is your idea of a perfect getaway, then the world famous Bondi beach, Australia, is the right place for you. Unarguably one of the most famous and busiest places, the shore is located just 8 km from the city centre.

With surfer- friendly waves and great surfboard and boat rental options, Bondi is home to various surfing clubs and schools, providing lessons and multiday safaris for all.

The beach also proves to be a great place for whale-watching. These cetaceans migrate seasonally from May to November. One can capture the sight of them drifting in great numbers, along the New South Whales coast, which stretches more than 2,000 km. You can spot Humpbacks from various vantage points, and also during the cliff top walk trip from Bondi to Coogee. Kayaking with whales and dolphins is another option to lookout for.

The café culture is its biggest draw card. It boasts wide-ranging choices of coffee houses, for people wanting to sit back and enjoy. With diverse range of brews, these cafes serve quick but incredible joe, and also help you delve in the carefree, sun-drenched lifestyle of Bondi.

Bondi-to-Bronte coastal walk, including Tamarama and Mackenzie’s Bay, is picturesque, with parks and beaches that are remarkable. The total duration of the walk is approximately 1.5 hours. Tourists can also opt for either cycle/bike or choose from personal and public transport as per their convenience. The bird’s-eye view of the South Pacific Ocean and the seaside cliffs makes it one of the most iconic walks in Sydney.

Bondi Beach Market is another must visit, located in the heart of the beach. It is a one stop destination for coast supplies, jewelry, gifts, flowers and food. Open in the beachfront grounds, the marketplace is community oriented and donates a part of their income to support local charities, and is also open every Sunday.

With its vibrant nightlife, amazing food, and surf experience, one enters into the famous “Bondi Bubble” which abstains you from leaving. The beach manages to overshadow the rest of Sydney when you gaze over the southern headland’s sunrise and sunsets.

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