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Top 5 climbing peaks in Sikkim

Top 5 climbing peaks in Sikkim

Buckle up for the thrill! Top 5 climbing peaks in Sikkim for adventure enthusiasts!

There are many incredible places in India for the travel freaks and adventure enthusiasts, but the lofty peaks of Sikkim are too good to miss out on. The place is often covered in snow throughout the year and hosts the world’s third highest peak in the world. Here are the top 5 climbing peaks in Sikkim that should fill-up your adventure appetite:

  • Mt. Brumkhangse: Having opened for an expedition in 2005, the peak offers a terrific experience to the trekkers. It is located in the North of Sikkim and isolated from major peaks with an elevation of 5635 meters. A trekker would require around 10 days to scale Mount Brumkhangse, but it is worth the effort to scale one of the top 5 climbing peaks in Sikkim.
Mt. Brumkhangse
  • Mt. Frey Peak: At an elevation of 5,830 meters, the trek is fairly difficult. It is close to Rathong Glacier and near Kabru’s sister of peaks, involving a passage through the snow path. The trail is rocky in nature and the trail offers a stunning landscape, taking you into the lap of nature. It takes around 15 days to reach the peak and the best season to visit is from March to May and September to November.
  • Mt. Jopuno: Located under Kangchendzonga National Park, Mount Jopuno is a lofty peak at an elevation of 5936 meters. It can be clearly seen from Okhlathang valley while trekking to Goecha La Pass. The peak is a prime attraction offering a mesmerizing view to the visitors. It takes around 17 days to reach Mount Jopuno and the best time to visit is from Mid-March to Mary and September to Mid-November. It is certainly one of the top 5 climbing peaks in Sikkim.
Mt. Jopuno
  • Mt. Lama Wangden: This peak is situated at Lachen valley in the North of Sikkim. Mount Lama Wangden is at an elevation of 5868 meters, and it takes around 2 days to reach the peak. It is a beautiful trek and the best time to climb is from April to November.


  • Mt. Thinchenkhan: A window to the divine lakes, snow-laden mountains, and beauty, Mt. Thinchenkhan is known for offering adrenaline climb. With an elevation of 6010 meters, the peak is quite difficult for a normal trekker. The best time to visit is between March and May, and it takes around two weeks to reach the top.

This was a brief description of the top 5 climbing peaks in Sikkim. The trekkers are advised to get detailed information about these places before planning a tour. All the best!


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