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Virtual tour of Auden’s Col

auden's col

Virtual tour of Auden’s Col: India’s Ultimate Trek

Auden’s Col is scenic, scary, and satisfactory. Situated in Garhwal Himalayas, the trek connects Gangotri and Kedarnath through bone-chilling weather, snow lands, and expert supervision. Here’s a virtual tour of Auden’s Col:


After reaching Haridwar or Rishikesh, hire a cab and reach the base camp at Gangotri. Over the next five out of 12 days, you will cross Nala Camp, Rudragaira BC, Gangotri BC, and Auden’s Col BC before reaching Auden’s Col. The guide may advise you to rest for one day at Rudragaira BC in order to acclimatize with the weather. Heavy snow, high altitude, and strong winds make it difficult to breathe at and after Khatling Glacier and Mayali Pass. However, the weather conditions normalize at the end, near Kedarnath/Gaurikund.

auden's col


Extreme. The virtual tour of Auden’s Col clearly depicts the sheet of snow and freezing weather all along the trek, which often hides deep crevasses. Between Auden Col and Khatling, it is mandatory to travel with ropes tied around each trekker to save them in case of a slip. It is -20 degrees at the top of Auden Col and people have experienced issues such as breathlessness, blurry vision, and puking. Hard snow boots fight frostbite as you find makeshift grips via axes and rippling, especially during downhill travel.

auden's col

Beauty and Landmarks

Trek starts with Gangotri temple and National Park. By the end of the first day, you will be covered with brown and white lands covered with clear blue skies. With each passing day, snow overtakes the view as you are surrounded by the peaks of Rudragaira and Gangotri. Auden’s Col looks breath-taking at Midnight with a sunrise view draped around by mountains. After reaching the zero-point, clear land and waterfalls are a sight for sore eyes.

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