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Why One Should Prefer Travelling Over a Fulltime Job

alok bhartia

Alok Bhartia, also known as a globetrotter, was born in Singapore on October 27, 1987. After completing his graduation, a tough tug-o-war started inside his mind as he didn’t want to pick up a white-collar job and then retire as a sad old man, who is not entirely happy with his life. He wanted to live a life of a travel enthusiast and not a monotonous life filled with stress and confinement.

Although Alok Bhartia was appointed as the Chairman & CEO of the travel company Voyage & Co on 2014, he never wanted a premature balding and take up a job that stopped him from exploring and discovering the world. He started writing blogs for his own website and became a leading travel blogger in India. He has made a name for himself with expats and local as well as foreign tourists for guiding them through difficult terrains. He has been travelling around the world since the last 5 years, bidding bye to a rigid corporate life. He is also a foodie, who never misses an opportunity to pounce on something new and exciting.

Having made up his mind about his career, he has been to three different continents, six countries and has discovered more than 16 different cuisines since then. He aims to cover the entire globe and be known as an actual ‘globetrotter’ rather than conform to the term of wanderlust or enthusiast that travelers often use to describe themselves.

Alok Bhartia loves to live in the ‘Tropical Chennai’ and go to the Mansarovar Lake. His travels have taught him a lot about the world. He has written some award selling books on Asian food and lifestyle and wishes to share the same with his followers through social media and online platforms. His followers are people who understand that only a fellow traveler knows the specifics of a good holiday destination.

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His blog covers most of the delicacies around the world that every traveler needs to try. His blogs have helped a number of tourists to find the right kind of food and the right entertainment joints. His blogs have often saved people from eating the wrong dish and going to a wrong place.

Everybody loves to travel, yet, there is a huge difference between an occasional traveler and a travel-enthusiast. The latter are a different type altogether. They can’t pinpoint a single location as ‘home’ and hardly care if the weather or circumstances go against their plans. There are also several other defining features of a seasoned traveler that make them the wanderlusts they are.

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