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Unravel the Bermuda Triangle Mystery: A Region of Lost Tourism

The mystery of Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is considered world’s greatest and most intriguing mystery till date. The region is located between a triangular formation constituted by North Atlantic Ocean, Miami, and Puerto Rico. Famous as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’, the region is said to have an inexplicable force responsible for disappearance of many ships, boats, and planes that tried passing by. Amidst all sorts of controversies, a major loss was experienced by none other than the region’s tourism sector.

The number of vanishing ships and planes from the Bermuda Triangle has got people into believing that it is haunted, invaded by aliens or affected by a mysterious force. On the contrary, keeping aside the controversies associated with the region, it isn’t too bad of a place to be visited for an exotic vacation. The residents state that if there ever is a place perfect for tourism it is Bermuda. It is a beautiful hybrid of a West Indian Island and Weybridge. To add to that, Bermuda has the most number of golf courses per square mile as compared to anywhere else in the world.

Even the most reputable sources from around the world confirm that the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle is the world’s heaviest recipient of ships crossing path for American and European ports. Not many are aware that a lot of cruise ships, pleasure crafts, commercial and private planes pass by the area routinely.

There is a lot to ‘Bermuda’ than just a vicious ‘triangle’ responsible for vanishing ships and aircrafts. Instead of losing yourself in the controversies, plan a tour and get lost in the mystic beauty of Bermuda.

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Unravel the Bermuda Triangle Mystery: A Region of Lost Tourism

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    a mystery that is still unresolved. Good read though!!!

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