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Machu Picchu- The lost world

Trip experience- Machu Picchu- the lost world

Are you planning a trip to Peru anytime soon? Well, if yes then you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to marvel at the enigmatic splendour of one of the world’s most famous wonders. Yes, we are talking about Machu Picchu– The lost world, the royal estate or sacred religious site for Inca leaders!

Positioned high in the Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu literally means ‘Old Mountain’ in the native Quechua language. This enchanting and engaging site is home to well-preserved Inca ruins that virtually remained hidden from the outside world for centuries. And we bet you must have seen a hundred photographs of this awe-inspiring ancient city on the internet, but there is nothing like witnessing it for real!

What to explore at Machu Picchu?

Plan a trip to Machu Picchu and you’ll be amazed by Inca civilisation’s architectural, agricultural and engineering prowess exhibited in the form of finely crafted stonework, terraced fields and refined irrigation system. Distinct structures like the Temple of the Sun, the Intihuatana stone, along with the adjoining forest and wilderness park ─ the ‘historical sanctuary’ ─ are totally worth exploring.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this 550-year old citadel situated in the Andean foothills is from late May until early September. Light showers and mist clinging to the peaks might make you skip a beat!

Things to remember

  • Inca Trail remains closed every February for restoration work.
  • Avoid walking the Inca Trail without a local guide.
  • The number of trails to the site is limited; it is advisable to book a package trip in advance.
  • You cannot enter the site of the ruins with a ticket.

So wait no more and take an unforgettable trek into history! Machu Picchu – The lost world is calling you!

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Machu Picchu- The lost world

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    Thanks, great article.

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    one of the wonders of the world, wish i could be there sometime.

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