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Travelling Tips to Plan Unplanned Trip

Travelling Tips

It happens almost many times that we have to plan some immediate trips to get out of routines stressful lives. It is always fun to have unplanned trips with little time to plan, but also risky to travel without considering some essential travelling tips.

  1. Don’t forget to carry emergency Travel Kit

Emergency travel kit is really important Get an emergency travel kit, and bring your toiletry kit with you, , it’s better to get your own stuff for safety reasons. Pack some food for the road, so that you can reach the destination without wasting time for finding the restaurants and spending lots of money on food. One of the most essential travelling tips is not to forget to pack your medicines if you have to take them every day, also get some general medicines to prevent you from getting sick during your travelling.

Essential things in Kit

  • Mobile Charger
  • First Aid box
  • Original and Photocopy of your ID Proof, Voter ID Card
  • Digital Camera
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Light Food
  • Water Bottle
  1. Keep extra money in your account

Be prepared for this! An unplanned trip could squeeze out more money from your pocket. When you take a trip after making all the reservations (hotel & flight/train/bus), you get online deal as well as you have time to do some research & negotiate on the price point, but when it is spontaneous… You hardly get an opportunity for this. The best thing about unplanned trip is, you get a wonderful chance to live your dream life. Setting foot to your dream destinations is like living a fairy-tale life.

Make sure you spend within your budget limit, don’t go overboard in spending and don’t get into trouble. When you are travelling, it is very important to spend wisely otherwise there will be no one to help you out financially. So, enjoy yourself and spend wisely.

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  1. Carry a Diary or Journal with you

It’s always advisable to keep important phone numbers/ bank details/ account details/ card details handy with you. and a diary to jot down a few important numbers (such as Bank’s customer care number, Father/Mother/sibling’s number, Stay home / hotel’s reception number, Flight details & helpline number) in a notepad & keep it with you. You can also use this diary to write some memorable experiences if you are fond of writing.

  1. Check Travel Reviews on Internet

Nowadays, there are so many online travel sites that offer you travel reviews of some best tourist places in the world. You must visit them to see if the place you have selected for your vacation is apt or not.

Hope these travelling tips prove beneficial to you. Have fun!

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