“The most dangerous cities” you must explore

most dangerous cities

For a hilarious travel experience, pack lightly and stop thinking about about the travel insurance. Plan a trip to the most dangerous cities with most prominent domestic and international tour organizers like Baab al salaam tours & travels to expose yourself for a thrilling experience:

  1. Islamabad, Pakistan

The tourism in Pakistan has time and again failed to flourish owing to the country’s hot-blooded security situation. And that is a sheer loss for everyone. The capital of this country, Islamabad has the capability to astonish like few others. A contemporary conurbation of avant-garde architecture, clean parks and top-notch cultural attractions, is the rarest side of Pakistan that you rarely get to see in the media.

  1. Detroit, USA

Apart from a financially bankrupt city, Detroit also tags along the censure of moral bean-counters as well, ball-parking 45 murders per 100,000 people each year. But as with every Judgment Day, it’s the common man who survived the blast, and they’re consistently upgrading this clapped-out older city.

  1. Cali, Colombia

It is still a mystery that Colombia’s third biggest city, Cali was an authority on Sophie Ellis-Bextor, but it is stated to be the most possible situate to have a bump off on the dance floor itself. Taken on by mountains and with buds of beautiful national park, this is the world assets of salsa – and a excruciating metropolitan area with a murder rate of 65 per 100,000. Don’t forget to consider some important wildlife photography tips.

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