Five Best Indian Beaches You must Visit

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Natural beauty gives a pleasant feel along with admiring and spectacular scenes. A beach is a perfect outing location, where you can find the right amount of sand, solitude, serenity, sun, and ample recreational opportunities. India is filled with numerous lively beaches as it has widespread coastal exposure. The naturally inspired beaches and their charm attracts kids and adults to escape themselves from their daily routine life. Here listed five most beautiful Indian beaches you must visit that will definitely insist you to revisit and have a quality escape time.

The Radhanagar Beach: This is entitled as the top most beach one with best spectacular locations and is on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The beauty of the beach is covered with lush green forests and turquoise water and is rated as the Asia’s best beach.

radhanagar beach

Devbagh: This is second most beautiful beach in India and is just a short drive away from Goa’s border and three      Km off the coast of Karwar in Karnataka. There are various water activities such as snorkeling, parasailing,                    speedboat cruises, water scooter, banana boat rides, and many more to do in Devbagh. Devbagh is surrounded by        beautiful backwaters and dense jungles.

devbagh beach

 Bheemunipatnam: It is located just twenty five Kms away from Visakhapatnam and is popularly known as sun        kissed beach. Bheemunipatnam has crystal clear water and sandy location makes it vacation best location.                    Swimming here is the safest and pleasurable  natural sport you can perform.


 Vegator: It might come next to other beaches in India Vegator might come next to some beaches, but the beauty         and scenic attractiveness are par excellence. Vegator is a less commercialized beach where you find calm and                 peaceful moments far away from the city rush. This place is also called as disco valley in Goa, where people rejoice       the place’s natural spirit. This place is certainly a must visit in your Goa tour .

vegator beach

  Malpe Beach: It is the beautiful beach located six Kms away from Udupi, Karnataka and is known for its                     charming beauty and scenic views. Malpe beach is also known as virgin beach for its natural beauty that seems             integral, safe, and sound. The palm trees add grace to the location and fills natural splendid moments into your           vacation. You must visit St. Mary’s Island, which is one of the popular and attractive location that can be reached         from a small boat ride.

malpe beach

Holidays ends well when the location and the place where you stay intermingle well. Therefore, the place where you rest and stay plays a big role. The Paradise Isle Beach Resort is the most enchanted and nearest lavish location on the Malpe beach. You can view spectacular sunset views and the tides of beach from the hotel room. Come and explore the lavish natural beauty in Karnataka and experience the elite lifestyle.

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